A Billy Bush Comeback Including Tony Robbins And Napa Valley? I’m In

A Billy Bush Comeback Including Tony Robbins And Napa Valley? I'm In

We’ve all been wondering what happened to Billy. It’s okay to admit that. We don’t need to re-litigate the “video” that was supposed to tank the Trump machine, but uh, didn’t work. Alright, maybe we should revisit it. Billy just comes off as a boner in that video – a green reporter trying a little hard to mix it up with a larger than life character like Trump. And Trump? That’s clearly a guy going full shock-jock around a captive audience. Low hanging fruit, man. Be better (he won’t).

Well, Billy is back, and his PR team is strapped up with the safety off. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Billy gets the comeback story treatment, including black and white glamour shots that almost make you forget that you probably don’t need to feel sorry for the nephew of our 43rd president who reportedly took home a cool $9 milli from NBC. I mean, yeah, I think there’s a good argument that he was wrongly portrayed as a deviant, or a deviant-enabler at a minimum, but I think he’s going to be fine.

Not surprisingly, Billy’s rebrand involved Tony Robbins, hot coals, yoga, and a Napa Valley “healing retreat.” Apparently, this one is different than, oh I dunno, being forced to attend a couples’ wine trip that will set you back like $4k. Still paying that one off.

Where has Bush been since then? Engaged in a lot of soul searching, a process that included time walking on fiery coals with spiritual guru Tony Robbins and a stint at a Napa Valley healing retreat. He took up yoga and meditation, developed a boxing routine and read books like 10% Happier, written by ABC News anchor and buddy Dan Harris. Bush, the nephew of President George H.W. Bush, also spent more time than he had in years with his family, including daughters Lillie, 12, Mary, 16, and Josie, 18.

The only thing missing from this routine is Billy binge-listening to Joe Rogan podcasts and getting jungle cats tattooed on his shoulder. Where’s the Ayahuasca ceremony? Glaring lack of Shamans in this comeback, but whatever works for him. And the Napa “healing retreat?” Sounds hardcore. Kinda.

So it was my brother’s recommendation to go through The Hoffman Process in Napa, California. It’s not glamorous. It was seven days — no phones, no communication. And it’s so overpowering and so draining that you have to sign an agreement that you’ll take two days on your own by yourself before you go back to family or friends.

At one point, you’re on your knees with a baseball bat and a pillow in front of you, and you are literally bashing these negative patterns that you’ve identified in your life. For me, one was judginess. I look back three years ago, doing Access Hollywood Live, and some story would come up, and I’d be like, “Oh, these people, these celebrities, how can they not ba-ba-ba-ba whatever.” So that became the moment of real awakening, and it went on from there. I’ve done everything.

Hell yeah. This sounds like outtakes from the “Blank Space” video. Great song. Great video. Great way to heal. I don’t think there’s any doubt Billy will be successful in his future endeavors. In addition to being a MILLIONAIRE BUSH which should help things out a bit, he’s saying and doing all the right things (he’s apologetic). Walking on coals, Napa, boxing routines- he’s about to pull a kick door on the industry. This is the comeback story we need in 2017. Hope you’ve learned a few things along your journey. Also, can we get more Pierce Bush?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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