I’m A Dry-Fit Polo Guy And I’m Not Going Back

I’m a Dry-Fit Polo Guy and I’m Not Going Back

After years and years of Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and boutique brand cotton polos, I’ve finally opened my eyes and switched over to dry-fit polos. It’s basically a grown-up spin on the tacky athleisure look polluting the youth of America. The fact of the matter is that there’s no longer an advantage to wearing a nice, quality cotton polo. Polos are simply casual wear, anything more dressy requires a button down, and the benefits of switching over to dry-fit outweigh the costs of wearing a slightly less elegant polo.

Let me clarify what I mean by “dry-fit.” It’s not necessarily just the Nike “Dri-Fit” polos worn by the beefy guys who try to sell you gym memberships and SoulCycle instructors who bang bored housewives in the burbs. These include dry-fit golf shirts, tennis polos, or the regular dry-fits with sports team licenses. A little collar for class while working off your ass.

So why switch over to dry-fits for leisure? There are several reasons. First, a cheap polyester Dri-Fit, PlayDry, ClimaCool, or whatever the brand or off-brand calls it is as comfortable if not more comfortable than, say, a $60-80 Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren pima cotton polo shirt. I’m dropping brand names because, frankly, you buy nice polo shirts for the brand. The dry-fits are light, breathable, and extremely comfortable. They’re pretty slimming, too, and can be designed to look very similar to regular polo shirts. Just an all around comfortable and good-looking fit.

Dry-fits are also convenient to own. Because they’re coated with biocides and moisture-resistant material they’re low-to-no odor, which is perfect for day drinking in the summer. The coating also helps stain-proof them, or at least make them more stain resistant, while all it takes to force you to spend half an hour scrubbing stain remover into a Ralph Lauren polo shirt is one drop of wine or a splash of Chipotle-juice. The polyester is wrinkle-proof or near-wrinkle proof, meaning you don’t have to worry about hanging them or ironing them. And, of course, they’re easy to wash and dry. Very practical for ownership.

Finally, they’re versatile. Dry-fit polos are one of the few items of clothing you can wear to the grocery store, to a bar, to a ballgame, to the gym, to the golf course, and to the tennis court. They’re great for any casual and athletic setting. On Saturdays I get home from Chick Fil A with my egg white grill, eat, and thrown on workout shorts and hit the complex’s gym without changing my shirt. I can jog down to the Starbucks for coffee or go from playing flag football at Piedmont Park to a nearby bar without having to change. Everyone knows social sports leagues are about the bar specials, anyway. This can all be made even more convenient if I’m wearing a pair of Birddogs or Olivers.

Dry-fit polos are simply superior to the overpriced brand name cotton polo shirts out there. Comfort and convenience are king, and versatility is a plus. There’s no longer really a need for really nice polo shirts anymore. Casual is getting even more casual and if you need anything dressier you should just go for the button down. Because of that, I’m all about the dry-fit life and I see no reason to go back.

Speaking Of Dry-Fits, Man Outfitters Has All The Dry-Fits. Many Are On Sale Right Now.

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