5 Little Things That Make Me Hate Instagram

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Everyone knows the most common, annoying acts people commit on Instagram. These vary from posting gym pictures, to adding #a #ridiculous #amount #of #hashtags, to taking pictures of food. I don’t know why they keep doing it, but the bigger mystery is why we still follow them. However, there are smaller acts that get under my skin even more than the common selfie.

1. Liking Your Own Pictures

I didn’t know favoriting your own picture was a thing until recently. What’s the point? Were you thinking, “damn, that’s a great pic! Good job, me!” or did you think you could make yourself look more popular by adding the favorite count by one? I thought it was a double-tap accident until I realized these people like ALL their pictures. I’m going to assume these are the same people who laugh at their own jokes, or the type of people who stare into the mirror more than any human should.

2. Posting Screenshots

Listen here, pal. If I have an interest to see your private life in pictures, I’m most likely friends with you on Facebook and I possibly follow you on Twitter. I probably already saw your subpar tweet or Facebook status, so I don’t need to see it again on Instagram. I come here for pictures, not to see a screenshot of some subtweet about your ex. I already passive aggressively favorited it on Twitter.

3. Re-Posting Scams

This is a new one for my feed. Recently, some people were posting about how the “Instagram Council” was going to shut down every account that didn’t repost and add the hashtag #SaveMyIG2014. So, let’s pretend there is a council that sounds like something out of “Game of Thrones” with a bunch of elders and shit. Is the council’s only measure to see who is active is by a hashtag? Do you think this council is crossing people off their cyber hit list once the announcement is reposted? No. The answer is no. Also, Southwest is not giving away 20,000 Rapid Rewards points. Walmart is not giving away $5,000 gift cards. The Mega Millions winner is not giving away his or her fortune to anyone who follows back. Stop.

4. Inspirational Quotes As Pictures

Like I already said, I don’t go on Instagram to read. Your Rihanna quote with a “cool” font and an irrelevant ocean backdrop doesn’t really appeal to anyone over the age of 15. These unfortunate Instagram photos are usually followed with an “Amen!” and 10 emojis in the caption.

5. Overdoing The Edit

There are tons of photo editing apps that appeal from 13-year-olds making “artsy” statements to experienced photographers. I personally use Snapseed for the auto enhancement feature and to sharpen the image. Just because the apps give you a million different ways to edit your picture, it doesn’t mean you need to use every feature on one photo.

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