22 Signs You’re In a Long Distance Relationship With Your Best Friend


Long distance relationships with your high school sweetheart who wasn’t smart enough to get into your school can be tough. You guys made it through a semester or two of school until realizing that you were in, well, college. However, the most overlooked LDR is not the one with your prom date or the frat star who you once swore to be true to, but with the girl who held your hair back after one too many vodka shots during the postgame. This girl is your best friend who you once shared a dorm room with and was your go-to in the buddy system when hitting the bars. Now, you may live thousands of miles away from each other in different cities, but you never let that take any toll on your friendship. You’ve probably already made it Facebook official by changing your status to married to each other, but here are a few other signs you may be in an LDR with your best friend.

  1. You know all of her new city friends by name and Twitter handle without ever having actually met them.
  2. Her mother texts you to make sure she gets home safely, even though you’re literally on the other side of the country.
  3. You may go a few weeks without talking, but when you get that “Can I call you?” text, you immediately drop everything on your schedule to listen to her awful boy drama.
  4. You tell her this boy is ugly anyway, going off the 30 Facebook screen shots she sent you of him when they first started talking.
  5. Drowning your feelings in Ben and Jerry’s over Skype together is totally normal.
  6. She favorites every single one of your tweets because it’s her subliminal way of telling you she’s there for you.
  7. Your friends and coworkers aren’t sure if she actually exists because you make her out to be so perfect.
  8. She knows literally everything about that one bitch two desks down because you ranted about her lack of hygiene for an hour, knowing she’ll never be able to report you to HR even if she wanted to.
  9. Ninety percent of your texts are in all caps because you are always so excited to talk to her.
  10. She’s been invited to a happy hour event on Facebook in your city because you parade around with pictures of how hot she is.
  11. People have thought she was your actual sister, because why else would you have so many framed pictures of the two of you in your cube?
  12. High school and college stories will always be funny for you two. High school and college drama, however, is no longer relevant or cared about.
  13. People have also thought you were dating because you used to meet up in the city halfway between your two schools for romantic dates at Chipotle.
  14. When she comes to visit, your new city friends are completely taken aback by your capability to giggle continuously.
  15. You don’t dread going back to visit your parents during the holidays because you’ll be practically living at her house, regardless of whether or not she made the trip home as well.
  16. Snapchat has become a way of life. Not for its intended purposes, but to exchange really horrifyingly hilarious faces that would literally blind anyone else who saw them.
  17. She’s given you directions back to your bed when you’re stumbling drunk after a night out. She knows them by heart because you’ve FaceTimed the walk back together so many times.
  18. The only reason you still get on Facebook is because you feel the need to incessantly post links to songs and articles on her wall.
  19. She somehow has inside jokes with your cube mate that you are not a part of.
  20. Her boyfriend, who you’ve never met, got her the perfect birthday present because he reached out to you on every form of social media knowing you’d have a the perfect idea.
  21. You then deleted him from every form of social media when you found out he cheated on her.
  22. You reassured her that you would never cheat on her in your long distance relationship, because she is, in fact, the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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Topanga is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems. Lover of red wine, mediocre gossip, and Corey's whipped ass.

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