5 Classic Movies That Gave You False Hope For The Real World

Some of the best movies known to man were released in the ’80s and ’90s (I’m not biased at all…). A good number of these movies gave my growing mind a little taste of what the real world might be like, so I looked forward to adulthood. Granted, it was a taste of lies and the real world is not like the movies at all, but I didn’t know that. Here are some of the movies that made me foolishly believe being an adult looked awesome.

1. “Big” (1988)

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.41.08 AM

A young Josh Baskin (Tom Hanks) wishes for what every boy wishes for when he gets rejected by an older crush–he wishes to be big. He wakes up as a man in his mid-20s, who lives in a fantastic apartment in New York City and has the amazing dream job of playing with kid toys as a top executive. I don’t know about you, but being paid buckets of money to play with water guns, Transformers, and mini basketball hoops sounds like a dream come true. I really wish I had a Zoltar machine and wish myself out of this cubicle and into that life.

2. Every James Bond Movie Ever (1962-Present)


It doesn’t matter what generation of Bond and it doesn’t matter the plot of the movie–every Bond movie made me want to be a spy when I grew up. Why wouldn’t you want to grow up to be a well-dressed man of mystery who totes a deadly weapon at all times, drives amazing sports cars, and lands a supermodel on every mission? I’d secretly still like to be an agent because of Bond, but I’m 90 percent sure I couldn’t even pass the CIA background check.

3. “Robocop” (1987 and 2014)


You most likely didn’t get to watch this one as a kid unless you were with your friend who had cool parents. Those parents probably let you drink all the soda you wanted and watch the gory movies your little heart desired. A human that is also part robot who fights crime? Yeah, I don’t have to say much about “Robocop”. I mean, the intense surgery to put on that robot suit doesn’t seem so bad when you could be the greatest fighting human machine to ever walk the planet.

4. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)


“The question isn’t ‘what are we going to do,’ the question is ‘what aren’t we going to do?’ ” This movie made me look forward to the real world because of multiple characters in different ways: Ferris, Ferris’s parents, and Cameron’s dad. Well, we never actually meet Cameron’s father, but I’m going to assume he’s crushing it in whatever industry he’s in. He probably has an old bottle of scotch in his corner office on the top floor, which overlooks greater Chicago. The thing about him that created a drive in me to get a good job when I grew up was the Ferrari. That 1961 Ferrari 250GT California was a beautiful, well-crafted machine and a tear was shed when the Ferrari met its end.

5. “Pretty Woman” (1990)


I wasn’t going to add this to the list, but my mom insisted. Because she pays my car insurance and phone bill and is now aware I sometimes write things for the Internet, this one’s for you, Mom. Pretty Woman is about a hooker who finds her dream guy and makes him fall in love with her wit and beauty, but this isn’t about her at all. This is about Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere. He is a very successful business investor who owns nice things, stays at nice hotels, goes to the track to bet on horses regularly, and finds the most attractive hooker with a full set of teeth in the past two centuries, at least. What young man wouldn’t want to be him?

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