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Texting After 4:00 P.M. On A Sunday Should Be Illegal

My Favorite Things About Living Alone

The exhilarating rush of deleting multiple rows at once on an Excel spreadsheet.

Post Grad Problems

The World Has Gone Instant Pot Crazy And I Want To Know If It Is Worth The Pricetag

“Are you going to go too hard at the holiday party again this year?”

Post Grad Problems

Is The Par 3 The Most Reliably Exciting Moment In Sports?

A Tribute To Budweiser – The Liquid Version Of A Turkey Sandwich

Having Alexa set recurring 14-minute reminders to touch the keyboard to keep an ‘Active’ status in Skype Business while working from home.

Post Grad Problems
thanksgiving alcohol

The Best Alcohol Pairing For Every Element Of Your Thanksgiving Day Festivities

Moving your booze from the top of the fridge to an expensive cart so it instantly becomes decorative.

Post Grad Problems