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Most Likely To Succeed: Overqualified

Most Likely To Succeed: No Sales Experience

Convincing yourself that your 401(k)’s dismal October performance is just a Halloween prank.

Post Grad Problems

My Favorite Part Of Being A Teacher

When not even the motion sensor lights in the restroom can recognize your presence.

Post Grad Problems

I Drunkenly Met Stassi Schroeder From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ And She Flamed Our Interaction On Her Podcast

How The Beer Mile Cemented My Athletic Legacy

My Roommate Defiled Our Apartment With The Grossest Challenge Ever

Even though my boss never talks to me, getting that email that he will be out of the office for the rest of the week really calms the nerves.

Post Grad Problems

Looking out the office window to see if your boss’s car is gone before ducking out early.

Post Grad Problems