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I’m Engaging In The Chase: Lily Pulitzer Duffel Bags Are Ugly And So Am I

Laws I Would Enact If I Was In Power

I’m At A Point Where The Pregame Has Become More Enjoyable Than The Bar

When you walk up to a table to meet your friends and hear “speak of the devil.”

Post Grad Problems

Nobody saw me leave for lunch; looks like I just bought myself 15 extra minutes.

Post Grad Problems

21 Power Moves You Can Pull When You Throw A Halloween Party

I get more LinkedIn notifications than Bumble.

Post Grad Problems

When Your Girl Is Away At A Bachelorette Party: A Poem

“Try to think of this as an opportunity to explore a new area of your career.”

Post Grad Problems

Coworker likes to stand up and notify the team each time he’s headed to the bathroom.

Post Grad Problems