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  • AnnaP 8 years ago on Things Girls Do After Graduation: Halloween II

    From Hotline Bling to Spectre and Sugar Skulls. It’s crazy that we’ve been following this saga every week for over a year and a half. God bless your twisted soul, Will. #StartedFromTheBottomAndNowWereHere

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  • AnnaP 8 years ago on When Should I Start Drinking On A College Football Saturday?

    Everyone I know starts around 9:00am regardless of kickoff. Our state even has a group of tailgaters whose escapades became so legendary that now they write an article every week during the season for a statewide publication. They’re all in their 40s and dudes get effed up. Do us all proud Duda and don’t whimp out.

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  • AnnaP 8 years ago on I Fear Not Reaching My Potential And That's Completely Normal

    I was wrestling with similar things last week. Then I met my Dad for lunch one day and told him about it and he told me something I will never forget. He told me he prays and is looking forward to the day when I stop living for the job and realize that a job is just a tool you use to live your life. Coming from a man who will be switching to a new job that is a “Big Deal” next week after 23 years at his old one, it got to me. I’ve been stressing for him wondering if he’ll like it, if it’s right, if the money will be enough let him and my mom do the things they want to do and never have been able to… and then he told me it just doesn’t freaking matter. At the end of your life, your “potential” doesn’t mean a whole lot. Filling your life to the brim with people you love and serving others is the only thing that does. For our family and for myself, we’re deeply faithful people. He told me to stop chasing career success and start chasing opportunities to serve our Creator. For people who aren’t religious, it could be to start chasing ways to serve humanity. I still really really really want the awesome career. Really bad. But, as in most (read: all) things, my Dad is probably right.

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  • AnnaP 8 years ago on I Need To Be A Glasses Guy Like I Need Air To Breathe

    NO. HELLS NO. Y’all trash Duda on here every day but on this one you gonna be mild and reasonable and open this to debate?


    As a lady who has serious astigmatisms, wears glasses 7 days a week, and is scrimping and saving to get lasik, you’re making my blood boil, man. I can barely tolerate contacts for a few hours when I got to events. And forget salt water or chlorine touching them, I swim blind. Always. And every time I get out of the car from May-September, my glasses are so fogged up I can’t see. Enjoy your stupid perfect eyesight, consider it a precious gift from the Lord above, and do not get fake glasses. Fake glasses mock and jeer the rest of us poor souls who are just trying to look sexy-sexy and not librarian-sexy at a bar without tripping over the stairs.

    Ok, I got that out of my system. This is a soapbox for me in case you couldn’t tell. But don’t do it. Play to your own strengths bro.

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  • AnnaP 8 years ago on Things Girls Do After Graduation: Gay Best Friend

    I was pronouncing it Mintahd thinking it was another overpriced water or kombucha crap (still not 100% what this is) then I too, used the Googles and realized you could probably get this at Sonic. My FOMO decreased significantly after that.

    But then again, I drink my water from the tap so what do I know?

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