The Winklevoss Twins From ‘The Social Network’ Are Literally Perfect

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If you’ve never seen a movie by David Fincher then I don’t really know what to tell you. You’re missing out on cinematography gold. Every movie he makes has this dark, glossy, suspenseful feel to it that is quintessential Fincher. You know you’re watching a David Fincher movie simply from the lighting in every scene.

He’s one of the greatest directors to ever do it, and The Social Network is, in my humble opinion, his crown jewel. In case you’ve been living under a fucking rock, The Social Network is the story of how Facebook was created.

The movie itself focuses on the early days of Facebook, when Mark Zuckerberg was still at Harvard and under heavy litigation from not only his best friend and former CFO Eduardo Safarin, but also The Winklevoss Twins. A.K.A. The Winklevii a.k.a. Life Goals.

I rewatched The Social Network a few days ago, and while I did enjoy the movie immensely during my second viewing, I was far more impressed and focused on The Winklevoss Twins. The aesthetic that these two probably had walking around Harvard in the mid-2000s was unparalleled.

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Look at that rugby shirt and non-ironed khaki combination. It’s gorgeous. They wear classic mid-2000s WASP outfits from places like Brooks Brothers, L.L. Bean, and yes, Abercrombie & Fitch. Many people forget A&F was at one time a very popular brand. But that is beside the point.

The Winklevii exude wealth, confidence, and power. They row fucking crew for God’s sake. A relative of mine actually told me a story one time about how when he was at Harvard (not a big deal but kind of a big deal) the Winklevii were still going there dominating life. For students who attend Harvard, having a car on campus is strictly forbidden. The fine for having one, according to my cousin who went there, was something like a hundred bucks a day. You think The Winklevii gave a flying fuck about a hundred dollar ticket?

Hell no. They’d park their Range Rovers in front of their dorm room and simply eat the ticket costs.

Seriously, every time these guys (who is actually Armie Hammer playing two roles) would come on screen in Fincher’s movie I’d gasp. They’re everything I want to be.

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Can you imagine rowing crew on the River Thames in Southern England and then going back to a cocktail party in one of those jackets? I’d murder someone to have that opportunity. I hate to say it but these guys are, for lack of a better term, #goals #af.

By the halfway point of The Social Network, I was openly rooting for the demise of Zuckerberg and for The Winklevoss Twins to win everything in some landmark lawsuit even though I already knew what happened. Did they need the money that they sued Zuckerberg for? Of course not.

As Jesse Eisenberg’s character so famously said “They [The Winklevii] are suing me because for the first time in their lives things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to for them.” The Winklevii came from money. And while that quote probably is true, I still can’t help but be positively enraptured with them. I have a crush on The Winklevii. Not in a sexual way, but more in an aesthetic sense. I lust after their lifestyle.

Let me put it this way. I haven’t had a haircut in a few months, and The Winklevoss twins that appear in The Social Network have me thinking about heading over to my local salon tomorrow morning and asking for a fucking crewcut. Maybe even just printing off a screenshot of them from the movie, showing my hair stylist, and asking for the exact same cut.

Rugby shirts and bootcut khaki pants? I might have to consider bringing those back into my wardrobe. Rowing? Yeah, you’ll see me at the gym for the next few months (or however long my obsession with these twins lasts) crushing it on a rowing machine. Suing nerds for millions? Probably not. But I can dream, right?

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These guys could have been born into poverty and still would have found their way into a few Brooks Brothers ad campaigns. Just awesome people. Definitely two guys that I would go slam Michelob Ultras with. Talk down to lesser mortals and laugh at how much uglier everyone is than us. Ya know, just regular guy stuff.

The Winklevoss Twins may not have won the war against Zuckerberg and the almighty Facebook, but they put his ass on a fucking poster when it came to style, prestige, and athleticism.

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