The Last Time I Did Each Of Thought Catalog’s “42 Things All Generic White People Love To Do”

The Last Time I Did Each Of Thought Catalog's "42 Things All Generic White People Love To Do"

There’s a reason lists populate the majority of internet content and pageviews: they’re relatable. Even if you sift through “17 Things That Happen When You Have An Anxious Mind But A Laid Back Personality,” you’re bound to find one thing that makes you say, “Huh, that is so true.” Or if you’re reading “13 Things That Could Definitely Happen If I Put My Phone Away,” you’re apt to send it to your squad and say, “Hahahaha, this is so us.” Lists are relatable and we’ll probably never stop reading them.

But sometimes, they’re too relatable. In this case? The 42 Things All Generic White People Love To Do. As one of the most generically white people in the world, it only made sense to list out each of the 42 times I was, well, generically white.

* * *

1. Redo their high fives.

If you’re not getting the loudest clap possible, how will everyone at the bar know your boy just showed up?

2. Share links to 7 minute John Oliver clips or TED Talks on their Facebook and expect people to watch them.

Now probably wouldn’t be a good time to link to this tweet.

3. Spend more time talking about smoking weed than the actual amount of time they smoke weed.

Man, speaking of, have you seen that new show on HBO, High Maintenance? Man, love watching shows about people smoking weed. Weed, man. Weeeeeed.

4. Discuss how much they love the idea of Europe.

Is my roommate in Europe as I type this? Yes. Did he and I have a lengthy discussion about his plans over a glass of wine on Friday night? Yes.

5. Complain about gentrification but still willingly buy a $5 cup of coffee from the new place that just opened in Williamsburg.

I left the house twice this past weekend, once where I bought a $7.00 iced coffee with grass-fed butter, MCT oil, maple syrup and grass-fed collagen protein. But I asked for half-syrup because, you know, #fitfam.

6. Blog about their study abroad experience.

*goes to LinkedIn profile to change job title from “Blogger” to “Writer”*

7. Have (and voice) opinions on IPAs.

I max out at around 90 IBUs, man. Anything else and I’m up all night with indigestion.

8. Scream the “DUN DUN DUN” part of “Sweet Caroline” while drunk and sweating at a bar.

And at baseball games.

9. Repeat whatever 2-3 words they remember from high school Spanish whenever they can.

I emailed my high school spanish teacher a “happy birthday” message less than a month ago. And yes, I graduated from high school 11 years ago.

10. Wave to people on boats.

It’s the courteous thing to do. Everyone knows that.

11. Hold lengthy conversations about which hard alcohols they can take shots of.

But seriously, what about that one time when I was 19 and drank an entire bottle of SoCo? Everyone loves hearing my party stories. Have I told you about that one rager I held where I legit won, like, twenty beer pong games in a row? Could’ve been thirty. I don’t even know because I was wasted, man. Sooo wasted.

12. Find it kitschy and cute to grow your own food.

What am I supposed to do, Instagram the produce at the grocery store and not in my backyard? Chyeah, right.

13. Talk about learning a second language, but never actually make that much of an effort to do it.

I have the entire Rosetta Stone library illegally downloaded on my external harddrive.

14. Wait in line for 5 hours for the new iPhone launch.

Why would I wait in line for 5 hours when I can just order it on my mom’s plan and have it delivered to my house? If I’m lucky, she won’t even notice she’s paying for it.

15. Feel guilty about not going outside when it’s really nice weather.

Ugh, it’s just like, soooooo niiiiiiiiiice outside. What should we do?

16. Make you feel guilty about not going outside when it’s really nice weather.

Well yeah, sitting in the park taking Snapchat selfies is a lot more productive looking than doing it from my messy bed.

17. Honestly, always talking about the weather.

It’s the perfect filler conversation when you clearly hate the person you’re talking to.

18. Especially if it’s humid.

But seriously, I can’t stop sweating. I, like, can’t even go outside when it’s like this. Can’t wait for it to be winter so I can complain about how cold it is.

19. Play icebreaker games as adults.

We just call those drinking games but you’re never too old to play quarters! Fuck. I’m definitely too old to play quarters.

20. Troll people in the comments section of articles.

You’re saying that I have a fake account that I comment on this site with? No, that would just be silly. Of course, I don’t.

21. Use their middle name as their last name on social media.

How else are you supposed to #adult and get a real life job if you have your actual identity online?

22. Invest in a GoPro for mundane everyday activities.

This isn’t a mundane activity. I’m drinking Piña Coladas!

23. Use said GoPro to film themselves eating a Ramen burger at a farmer’s market.

Fuck. I bought a GoPro to take selfies while drinking Piña Coladas.

24. Or to document their trip to Cabo.

It was Puerto Vallarta.

25. Take photos with a Polaroid camera and then take an iPhone photo of said polaroid and then edit it on Instagram.



A photo posted by Will deFries (@willdefries) on

26. Keep their ski lift tickets on their coats for the entirety of winter.

Ha, no, sorry, I’m not garbage. I get free passes through a family connection and I keep mine in my locker.

27. Make jokes about how much they love wine.


28. Eat Sushi with their bare hands.

Okay, yeah, sure, like you don’t get too drunk to use chopsticks every once in a while.

29. And ask for a fork to eat rice.

Like, if I use the chopsticks, I’ll eat one grain of rice at a time and it will take me an hour to even dent the bowl. Be realistic. Plus, I need a base for these sake bombs.

30. Analyze dreams.

I’m the type of person who is completely fine talking about my own dreams, but once you start talking about yours, I lose all interest and want to gag you with a spoon.

31. Say things like “fuck water.”

Yeah, I say, “Hydrate Or Die” when I’m drinking but that’s just a friendly reminder in between shots with my dudes. You feel me?

32. Have a strong opinion about Jimmy Fallon.

Oh, you mean the next Johnny Carson?

33. Talk about wanting to take a year off to travel or teach English somewhere or whatever.

But really, though, how incredible would it be to travel South America? In high school Spanish, we watched The Motorcycle Diaries and I’ve been obsessed with this idea ever since. <3

34. Pretend they can fit into an American Apparel size small.

What? I’ll fit into it after I finish this fad diet and start working out. No, seriously, I’m starting a new routine on Monday. New week, new me.

35. FaceTime their pets.

Sometimes you need to FaceTime people with dogs on Sundays to, idk, just know that everything’s gonna be alright.

36. Sift through the travel sized item bins at Target.

Am I supposed to carry around a full bottle of Purel, though? I’d rather go into a Columbian jungle without a gun than go to a public restroom without sanitizer.

37. Assign a name to their group of friends. Like, the Fab 5 or Bros N Bachelors. Ugh.

No, of course my friends and I don’t refer to ourselves as ADINM which stands for Awesome Dudes In Northern Michigan.

38. Go vegan for two weeks, only to break the streak by getting wasted and eating a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme at 3am.

I once convinced a sorority formal date to eat a meatball while she was blacked out at dinner.

39. Be obsessed with female celebrities who admit they eat food.

But honestly, how brave is it of Lena Dunham to not adhere to societal norms? She’s such a real woman.

40. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Hard.

If your shit isn’t green come the next day, did you even rage, bro?

41. Take group photos and always demand to do “a silly one!” and then a staged candid one.


42. Post the results of BuzzFeed quizzes about what Disney princess their Patronus is.

I got Princess Jasmine. What of it?

[via Thought Catalog]

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