Office Naps Would Make All Of Our Lives Better

The Office Nap Should Be A Right, Not A Privilege

We have all been there. Your alarm goes off in the morning and the first thing you can think about is when you can go back to sleep again. You think of all the things in between you and your precious bed. As your day goes on, it gets slower and slower. You debate going out to sleep in your car, but then you remember it’s August.

You can’t get away with sleeping underneath your cubicle and you certainly can’t go home. What the hell are you supposed to do?

Whatever happened to the nap? When did we grow up? I will never forget fighting my grandmother each day when she tried to make me take a nap. I refused to go lay down. I just wanted to play all day. I had no interest in getting some shut eye. Her words resonate with me to this very day.

“One day you will wish you could nap all day long, you just wait.”

Mamaw, I am so sorry for not listening. This is miserable and I hate everything. All I want to do is sleep. Do I really have to sit at this desk all day, intermitting between chugging mediocre coffee and nodding off? I just wish my office had a nap room like we did in kindergarten. I want to eat my lunch, head to the nap room, and come back out in an hour fully rejuvenated and ready to work. I guarantee you my productivity would rise. If it was mandatory, productivity would increase company-wide. Let’s bring back the nap.

I miss a lot of things about college. I loved all the memories, all the laughs, and all the late nights. But dammit I loved the naps the most. I can honestly say my favorite thing about college was the nap. Have an hour break in between classes? Nap. Didn’t get much sleep before my 8 a.m.? Nap. Going to pull an all-nighter later? Nap. Put away an entire fifth last night? Nap. Feel like skipping class? Nap. Practice later? Nap.

I am not one to complain about the post-grad life. I actually love my job. I love my boss. I am happy when I wake up each morning and when I go to bed each night. I live comfortably, and I’m not in a ridiculous amount of debt. However, after a while, I start to get a little sleepy. Then I get a little irritable. Then I get sleepier. Then I get even grumpier. It is a catch-22 that could be fixed with one simple thing: a nap.

Bring back the nap! I challenge all of you to email HR after you read this and demand nap time. I would even nap on my lunch break and then just eat lunch while I work. I am tempted to say that I’d be willing to stay at work a little longer if it means I could nap. Can we get some of those dope sleeping pods like all the spoiled football players at Oregon have? Just designate a room in the office, people walk in, shut up, lay down, nap, and wake up refreshed. You walk back to your desk snapping necks, cashing checks, and closing deals. Imagine how many deals could be closed if we were all well rested. The economy would boom. It would be the 80s all over again. You know how to make America great again? Bring back the nap.

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