Make Someone’s Day And Text Them Out Of The Blue

Make Someone's Day And Text Them Out Of The Blue

Allow me, if you will, to get sappy for a moment.

Everyone has woken up or returned from the shower to a text message, a voicemail, a Snapchat – you get the idea – from someone they haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s a very particular kind of message. It’s one that will make you want to put on a nice outfit for work. It’s inexplicable. Totally out of the blue.

A wave of euphoria that no drug can give you washes over your person. You might not even need your cup of coffee after you see it and think about what to say back. Maybe it’s that guy you have a massive crush on that hasn’t talked to you since your date a week and a half ago. Give him a break he was probably busy at work. Perhaps it was that girl who just moved in down the hall asking if you have plans this weekend. You thought she moved in with her boyfriend but now you’re not so sure. It could be an old flame or an ex. It could be a parent or sibling for all I know.

It doesn’t have to be a Friday when you’re on the receiving end of a message like this. It could be some idle Tuesday when all you really have to look forward to is a swift, metaphorical kick in the dick from a superior at work who is going to give you a new project that will take you until the end of the fiscal year to finish.

I got a message like the one described above this morning. I was groggy, tired, and uninterested in getting up to take a shower. When I got back into my room to put on some clothes, I had a Snapchat from a girl I hadn’t spoken to in a while. There was nothing particularly deep or interesting about the Snapchat. It was a video of her toes wiggling, and no, I don’t have foot fetish for everyone in the peanut gallery who is wondering. But it wasn’t about the video. It was about the fact that someone was thinking about me other than my mother. It had more to do with the fact that someone was up at ten after seven on a Friday morning and thought that they should reach out.

Moments earlier when I was in my usual morning fog, I was not excited to get in my car and drive to work. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. My plan prior to the aforementioned snap was to get to my desk, throw my headphones in and work for as long as I could without acknowledging anyone else’s presence. After I had opened and replied with a message of my own, I was happy. I no longer cared about the fact that I had to spend the next eight hours working. I wanted to exchange worthless pleasantries with coworkers. I sought them out as I grabbed a shitty cup of coffee from the office Keurig. And guess what? That coffee was delicious this morning.

And it was all because of a stupid Snapchat involving a girl wiggling her toes. If that sounds ridiculous it’s because it is ridiculous. One silly ten-second video turned my entire day around. I’m headed into the weekend with a fresh outlook rather than a cynical one. I might go for a hike this weekend. The fact that I’m even considering doing that is insane. I don’t know what you have going on today, but if you have a couple minutes send someone a text message. A DM on Instagram of a funny meme you saw. Anything. Something to let them know you’re thinking of them. It might turn their entire day around.

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