The Friday Afternoon Open Thread: October 28

The Friday Afternoon Open Thread: October 28

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re not doing shit and you know it. It’s too early to leave because your superior is still at his desk (seriously, how does he have nothing better to do?) but there’s no motivation left in the week for you to actually do any work. So what’s next? Well, The Friday Afternoon Open Thread.

Questions? Ask ’em. Site feedback? Hit us with it. Just bored and need to forget that you’re still at work? Linger.

Let’s roll.

* * *

Where are you liveblogging and do you mind if I bring my baby to crash it?

The office, and sorry, that was the last question for the week because your boy needs to get his happy hour on. See everyone Monday.

Are you caught up on Sherlock (BBC) yet?

There’s just a part of me that doesn’t want it to end and I think that’s what’s stopping me from watching the episodes I have left.

How do you feel about the alleged Drake-T Swift dating rumors?

That break-up will produce some of the greatest songs you and I have ever heard.

How do I get a guy to go on a date with me

Not sure, I’ve never asked a guy out before.

Have any of you considered having your levels checked for low T?

Dave’s T is probably high, mine is low as hell from all the Things Girls Do After Graduation columns.

Muddle sliced jalapeños in the bottom of a glass. Add ice. Add tequila plata. Add Topo Chico.

Jalapenos in margaritas and/or moscow mules change the gaaaame.

I know PGP tries to stay middle of the road and keep it light, but is there anything you all are interested in writing about other then satire?

For now, I’m going to stick to basic girls.

Favorite ski destinations?

Not all that well-versed in nationwide ski destinations, honestly. Embarrassing, I know. Need to get back to Jackson Hole with Big T-Shirt Matt this winter.

When will some of the remote guys be on the podcast. Also, 69th comment.

Kyle (aka Crash) never comes by the office anymore because he’s always stuck in Austin traffic.

I think it might be. Every girls road trip to the beach I’ve ever gone on has started with a CFA stop. That diet lemonade tho.

Arnie Palmies from P. Terry’s in Austin tho.

If you won’t divulge good dog names try these ones on for size. Basset hounds or Irish Setters. Acceptable names: Beauregard, Augustus, or Montgomery. Shortened to Beau, Guy and Monty.

Dude, do you really have to ask or are you just trying to brag to everyone that you came up with fire names for your dogs?

Is it bad if I buy things just for better Instagram captions? #toovesttobestressed

Not if you’re using ‘POSTGRAD’ on Man Outfitters for 10% off.

As the forefront on all things basic, we need to know… Is Chick-fil-a considered basic like Chipotle, Starbucks, etc?

I want to say no but girls love chicken tenders so much that I’m not even sure.

Listened to the new Bublé album yet? Feel like you’d appreciate it Will, v good

Haven’t but Buble Christmas Album Season is right around the corner. #getexcited

PGP writers/commenters meet up in Austin?

Just show up at Woodrow’s on a Friday or Saturday. 50% chance someone is there.

Favorite breed of dog/ best names for dogs?

Will: Springer Spaniel, and you’re nuts if you think I’m divulging any names.

Dave: Golden Retriever.

The subreddit idea seems good but I’m not tryna get Ken Bone’d

Someone just bite the bullet and do this subreddit already. It’s such an easy solution and it’s overdue. I have no idea how to do that shit and I know there’s someone in here who does.

Need the long sleeve white Scaries tee for winter. The hell is the hold up?

Patience, grasshopper.

When/where is the next live blog?

Can’t force ’em. Gotta come naturally. But like, next time I’m in an airport probably.

Touching Base vs. Inside TFM cage match. Who’s taking on who, and which podcast wins?

Will vs. Jared
Dillon vs. Rob
Dave vs. Jake

Victory: Touching Base, not even close.

Which is more dangerous, a punch in the face from Tyson or playing an entire professional football game?

Both would kill most of us so I don’t really think it’s fair to choose.

What are the essentials for a well stocked home bar? My life might be out of control, but how I entertain friends/family and how I get boozy at home shouldn’t be.

Liters of liquor that isn’t top shelf but doesn’t scream “I’m poor.” Tito’s, Beefeater, Mount Gay, etc.

Commenter you think you would most hang out with and commenter you think you would least hang out with?

For the commenters, writer you’d most/least want to hang out with?

Most: Nevid.

Least: Changes every week. This week, Bill Nye.

Are you guys considering taking touching base on the road? Do casts from major concentrations of postgrads or big events.


Halloween plans?

I hate Halloween, but that doesn’t even matter because I’m going to a wedding shower tomorrow while. Drinking hella red wine tonight though.

I’m shitting

Nice, man. Happy Friday.

Will when are you going to shoot a deer or a pig? It’s bow season so don’t say deer aren’t in season.

That’s a Dillon question. The killing I do is at his mercy and I really want to kill some stuff on his ranch sooner than later.

To expound on my earlier question. 3 hippos, a T. rex or 30 tigers. Who would win in that battle royal?

Gotta think T-Rex takes this one to the house, right? I don’t know much about the structural integrity of them but they seem v beast mode.

Any plans to update the app? It gets the job done as far as letting me read the articles without destroying my data plan, but I’d love to see some more functionality to it.

Not sure on the technical side of things but we’ll be switching up some things in the near future.

How many ping pong balls can you fit in a 747?

A lot.

What first sparked the idea for TGDAG? Also, I know its hard to coordinate, but a weekly go to day for Touching Base would give us something to look forward to.

I wrote the first one as a freelance writer and Dave said, “You know, this might be a good series.” Did a few more and then when the plotline started developing, it was too big to stop.

When can I get a #BonersHappen shirt?

We need these on Tilt and we need them on Tilt yesterday.

Why do you think we’ve created a much different or fun-loving culture here, while TFM commenters bitch and moan all day?

Unrelated, love the podcasts, and keep up the great work. It’s almost 5 on the east coast everyone!

I don’t think the commenters on TFM are inherently hateful or anything. It’s just more their brand of humor to be tough on each other. And let’s be honest – not all the comments here are fun.

Go-to Friday afternoon office jams?

Sussudio by Phil Collins.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say site traffic increased these past couple of weeks. Care to comment?

Been on the rise for a while, honestly.

PGP’s favorite cocktails?

My favorites are anywhere from Dark & Stormies, Old Fashioneds, Salty Dogs. Dave’s a Woodford guy.

Is it worth it to blow $80 on a Gladiator Halloween costume? I know I’ll look sweet, which actually makes me excited to go out to the bars. On the other hand..actually fuck it I’m gonna do it

If you don’t submit that costume to our Halloween costume contest this weekend, I’m banning you from the site.

Tribe or Cubs tonight?

Tribe. Weird cheering for them but I hate bandwagon Cubs fans.

You like 3 Floyds Beers? And if so, Favorite?

I don’t know what that is but I’d probably drink any of them.

5 hours to think of a Halloween costume. Help.

Just be one of those kids from Stranger Things. Any local thrift store has to have more than enough to make that happen.

Are you aware that honey bees are dying at an alarmingly fast rate?

Yes, noted internet personality and depressing Twitter follow @callmeshitto has made us all well-aware.


Too old / might as well be asexual / behind in life.

Give us a forum…please.

Not my call but probably won’t happen. I legitimately don’t understand why someone doesn’t just start a Peej subreddit that would effectively do the exact same thing.

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Will deFries (Twitter / Instagram) is a Senior Writer at Grandex and the world's foremost authority on Sunday Scaries (Twitter / Instagram).

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