It’s Not Too Late To Snag A Sweater For The Company Party

Loosen your ties or kick off those heels, hardworking youth of America. We’re right in the middle of holiday party season, so we put together a list of our favorite fashion statements available on Amazon. Our price estimates are based on ordering your sweater in size “Large,” as prices can vary by sweater size.

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The Dude – Big Lebowski Christmas Sweater – $49.99

The Dude
This is a safe bet. The Dude is always a crowd pleaser.

Shitter’s Full – Christmas Vacation Christmas Sweater – $59.95

Shitter's Full

Any time you can work a holiday classic like Christmas Vacation into the mix, you should. Anyone that doesn’t understand this reference is someone that should be avoided at all costs.

Street Fighter Christmas Sweater – $49.99

Street Fighter

More obscure, but you will get multiple head nods in approval of this. Ken guy? Ryu guy? Doesn’t matter. You are fair and balanced with this Street Fighter sweater.

PS4 Christmas Sweater – $49.99


PS4? Why not? You game, and you’re not afraid to admit it.

Santa Klaus – Zoolander Christmas Sweater – $29.99

Santa Klaus

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Mugatu sighting. This sweater just oozes with street cred.

Guns N’ Roses Christmas Sweater – $64.99

Guns N' Roses

I think we can all agree that this is a statement sweater. If you pull this off, you better be able to sing “Patience” all the way through.

Cookie Monster – Sesame Street Christmas Sweater – $35.00

Cookie Monster

Chicks dig nostalgia. So do dudes.

Deadlift Santa – Christmas Sweater – $29.99

Deadlift Santa

Wear this ironically, or because you’re a meatball. Either way, lifting weight off the ground is a great way to shed calories during the holidays.

Macho Man – Macho Christmas Sweater – $30.00

Macho Christmas

Everything about this is powerful. Only purchase if you plan on being the dopest guy or gal at the party.

Ho’s – Christmas Sweater – $16.99


So. Much. Edge. Tread lightly.

Sonic – Christmas Sweater – $49.99


So you were a SEGA kid? Own it.

We (Grandex) may receive commission for any purchases made through the above links.

For more classic stuff, check out Man Outfitters & Rowdy Gentleman.

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