I Want To Be A Housewife And I’m Not Ashamed

I Want To Be A Housewife And I'm Not Ashamed

1920 was the year females gained the right to vote in our great nation of America. This was the revolutionary event that slowly but surely would bring us to the modern era where men and women are considered equals (besides that whole wage gap thing, but with time). As women, our brains are bombarded with orders to rise above sexism and do anything that a man can do. The lifestyle of the working man in the household and the stay-at-home woman is ancient history. Yet here I am, wanting to bring it back.

Now before everyone who reads this gets off on calling me a lazy, self-righteous mooch who just wants a man to take care of her: hear me out. I have an engineering degree, a great job, a nice car, the works. I don’t need no man. I’ve survived this long without one. I sure as hell could keep on keeping on. But there’s just something about being a housewife that gets me going.

There’s something about getting the perfect dinner ready for my family. There’s something about having an organized house and planning get-togethers. There’s something about rewarding my husband after a long day at work. There’s something about raising kids and being there whenever they need me. There’s something about landscaping, laundry, and loading the dishwasher. I love it all. I want to be an expert at it all. I want to be the perfect housewife.

The problem is, I’m supposed to be thankful for the rights the women of history fought and earned for me. I’m supposed to live up to my full potential and continue the evolution of the female species. Sure, I could retire a VP of my company. Or I could grow old babysitting my grandchildren. Why is one so much more respectable than the other? I fully agree that one job is more difficult, but I shouldn’t be demeaned for choosing the other.

It’s hard to justify a career in housewifing as there are no levels of advancement. Being promoted to project manager at my job would surely raise heads and give me all sorts of gratitude for being an aspiring female in my field. As for being a housewife? That’s your title from Day 1 to Day Done. You tell people at events that you’re a housewife and they smile only to secretly shit-talk you minutes later. But if I were to have kids and tell people I’m also a full-time engineer, they would shit-talk me for not having time for my children. It’s a lose-lose. I’m trapped.

But that fact of the matter is, I’m perpetually single so I probably don’t even have to worry about this problem. The fact that it was easier for me to get an engineering career than a housewife opportunity probably says a lot about me.

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