Hit Up Our Memorial Day Sale So You And Dad Can Dominate Summer 2K17

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For me, Memorial Day Weekend is an opportunity to head north on 35 back to my parents’ place. My dad and grandfather both served in the Air Force, so we don’t take weekends like this lightly. And since summer holidays mean deals across the board, my bosses want me to showcase some of the best gear we’re slinging from Man Outfitters.

This one’s all about the dads. It goes without saying that I’ve still got love for all the mommies out there, but when heat is on, dads are at their best. Waking up early to skim the leaves from the pool. That’s a summertime dad special. Taking the portable radio out into the front yard while pulling weeds, blaring AM sports banter loud and proud. That’s so summer it hurts. With Memorial Day upon us, and Father’s Day within a stone’s throw, it seems like a great time to gear up on summer threads for you and your old man. Use Promo Code USA20 For 20% the entire site. Some exclusions apply.

Alternative ‘Keeper’ Vintage Jersey Pocket Tee

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It can be difficult to find a respectable tee after college, so imagine how hard it is when you’re a grown ass man raising kids and going full dad mode through life. A summertime without a respectable t-shirt sounds like a total bummer. Sure, you can get away with Patagonia tees during the day, but if you don’t want to be logo man when you’re out at the bars, this is a great option. It’s tailored enough to show off the guns, and breathable enough to limit all that summertime back sweat you accumulate. I really like the vintage navy and coal color for all the dads out there. If they happen to catch a phantom grease pop from the skillet, no one will notice. Or, if they fall victim to summertime pit stains, it’ll likely go unnoticed.

TravisMathew Twete Performance Golf Polo

If charm was a golf shirt, it’d be this. For you, it puts off the vibe that you don’t take yourself too seriously. For your pop? This thing is like a stop sign for cart girls. Talk about a conversation starter. If a ranch water ate mushrooms and became conscious, it would wear this shirt. If your old man is still wearing IZOD, upgrade to this immediately. Pulling hybrid on every par 4 looks a lot better if you look like sex.

Columbia ‘Tamiami II’ PFG Fishing Shirt

Coast dads out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Roll through Houston, Texas and tell me if you don’t see approximately 100,000 of these things. You absolutely need people to think you’ll be ripping lips and packing dips at any moment. I’ve personally tested multiple Columbia PFGs at Jimmy Buffett shows, and it’s the only way to go. Even if you spill shit on it, people will just assume it’s fish guts. It’s also the official shirt of crawfish boils throughout the south. Dad’s gonna get so toasted brown lying out by the pool this summer that he’ll have to go long sleeve PFG to hide that burn.

Trask ‘Derek American Bison Driver Shoe’

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True story: our old fraternity (RIP) was once mistaken for a group of dads during parents weekend. This is back in 2006 before it was cool. While lesser men may have been insulted, it was the highest compliment you could’ve given us. During the day, it was all about the classic boat shoe. That’s still a major player, and you can catch my dad pulling weeds in his to this day. But for a summer happy hour in the heat of the July, I highly recommend this Trask Driver as a simple way to class up your khakis shorts. Your dad probably already owns a pair, because dads get it, but you may as well get him a backup pair.

AMBSN ‘Chomp’ Hawaiian Shirt

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Ay caramba, what do we have here? I don’t know why our friends at AMBSN even bothered putting buttons on this, because no one’s using them. Not one person. I might actually purchase this and have my tailor carefully remove each button so the thought never even crosses my mind. This is to be worn with a pair of trunks and a body lathered up in aloe vera with lidocaine gel. After you grab a couple of these for you and your dad, snap us pics of you two crushing Miami Vices on a boat or something. Have a gnarly summer.

Questions? Hit up our customer service line. It’s the best in the game. 855-766-2664

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