Guy Tries To Cancel His Cable Service, Records Nightmarish Encounter With Customer Service


No matter where you live, we can pretty much all agree that cable companies suck, and the only thing worse than having awful cable service and PAYING for awful cable service is having to call the cable company to cancel your awful cable service. I mean, personally, I love threatening my cable company with cancellation, just about every time my cable goes out, or does that godawful thing where the audio is out of sync with the images, it’s just a mess. There’s a special place in hell for Time Warner Cable. The complaints got me a free DVR, so who’s laughing now?

But no cancellation can compare to tech journalist Ryan Block’s experience with Comcast; he dealt with an incredibly pushy and persistent customer service rep who practically demanded to know why he wanted to cancel his service from the almighty Comcast.

Mr. Block calmly asked a simple yes-or-no question: Can you disconnect your service over the phone?

He was met with a belligerent customer service rep, asking, very rudely and inappropriately, why he didn’t want faster service.

My favorite part:

Comcast Guy: “Being that we are the #1 provider of internet and TV service in the country, why is it that you don’t want the #1 internet service, the #1 TV service available?”

Translation: “So what, you think you’re too good for Comcast? Comcast is #1, bitches. We own your asses. You know what else we own? NBC. ‘The Tonight Show,’ bitch. You ever want to see Jimmy Fallon’s delightful fucking face again, you’ll sign your asses back up for this Comcast Pipe. Actually, we can’t do that. I’m sorry. Please talk to me. We’re so alone.”

I’d love to see the study that says Comcast is #1 in just about anything, especially because it’s very common knowledge that Comcast is either the lowest-rated or second-to-lowest rated cable company when it comes to customer satisfaction and service. Who’s usually in last place? Time Warner Cable. Guess who proposed to merge? Those two shitbox companies.

FIOS, if you’re reading this, please move into my neighborhood. Take all my money. Just lay that cable, baby.

[via Business Insider]

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