Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Eddie Lacy

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Happy Monday, my friends! I was away this weekend, so to be honest, I was wasn’t really paying much attention to who had a great weekend or who had a crappy one. But luckily, the internet was, and I was able to track down some people that definitely fell in the latter camp. So here we go.

This Kid

Most little kids dream of being famous or maybe just even being on TV one day. For one little boy, this probably isn’t how he imagined he would shoot to fame.

Another kid was getting interviewed for a local TV station about something or other when the scene unfolded. Behind the interviewee, our hero steps between two cows to visit with them. The cows weren’t entirely happy with their human visitor as they moved together, smooshing the young gentleman between them. His horrified face came be seen between the two bovines as the original kid continues to obliviously give his very serious interview before a woman comes to his aid.

Actually, both kids probably had a bad weekend – the kid who got smushed between two cows on television is more than likely embarrassed, while the other kid is probably pissed absolutely no one paid any attention to a word he was saying. Although honestly, humiliation and irrelevancy are probably two good life lessons to learn early anyway.

[Via Daily Mail]

Any Celebs Besides Blue Ivy, Beyonce, Or Britney At The VMAs

Speaking of dreaming of being famous…there were plenty of famous celebs at the VMAs on Sunday night, but no one cared about anyone but these three:

A.) Blue Ivy Carter and her mom, Beyoncé, who did a (not-so-surprising) surprise performance

Yes, a four-year-old upstaged some of the most famous names in music, but given that her headband probably cost more than I make in a year that’s not surprising. As for Beyonce – well, the woman had on the fashion equivalent of something a Muppet would wear and still killed it.

B.) Britney Spears

Brit-Brit took the stage almost a decade after her last (slightly disastrous) performance and killed it even if she didn’t necessarily sing live.

With all the focus on these three, anyone else that was hoping to get a little press out of their VMAs appearance was crap out of luck. Sucks for those peeps, but for those of us that are fans of the Queen (Bey), Princess (Brit) and Heiress (Blue) of Pop, it was a very good night.

Eddie Lacy

I am in the process of growing my hair out right now and it’s a giant pain in the ass. Extra trimmings, special conditioner, etc . So I would be majorly pissed if I had grown my hair out and then it was used against me.

That’s pretty much what happened to Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy on Friday. Lacy, who rocks some pretty awesome dreadlocks, carried the ball for 21 yards before being tackled by those dreads by 49ers linebacker Gerald Hodges. There is actually no rule against one player using another’s hair to make a tackle, so players who choose to have longer hair have to accept that their flowing locks can be used against them.

Lacy has apparently decided that it’s no longer worth the risk, telling USA Today Network-Wisconsin that he is now debating a haircut. However, he took to Twitter to clarify:

Phew, I’d hate to think he put all that work in for nothing.

[Via Bleacher Report]

Passengers On This Southwest Flight

I didn’t have good travel luck this weekend. Heading out, my flight got cancelled, and while I finally made it to Chicago on Friday, my bag didn’t arrive until Saturday. Then, heading home, I ran into delays that mean I have time to write this column from the uncomfortable seats at gate A7 at Chicago-Midway Airport. But, at least I wasn’t Southwest Flight 3472 from New Orleans that had an engine blow up.

The 737 was on its way to Orlando when one of the engines had “mechanical trouble,” according to the airline. However, one passenger who was sitting near the wing told an Oklahoma City TV station, that “It was just a big explosion. There was some smoke and then nothing. I saw parts flapping in the wind.”

The oxygen masks on the plane deployed, but none of 99 passengers or five crew members were hurt as the aircraft made an emergency landed in Pensacola. So while I have to guess some of those people will never, ever get on a plane again, their weekends could have been worse, right?

[Via CNN]

The McChicken

The McChicken sandwich has a rough life, playing second fiddle to McDonald’s more popular sandwiches like the Big Mac and McDouble. So it must have been pretty cool for the white meat cousin of the hamburger to get some notice on Twitter this weekend. The reason for the publicity was actually pretty horrifying, however.

Apparently, “McChicken” was trending on Twitter on Sunday morning. When people went to look at the reason why they were taken to, in Mashable’s words “a video of a man copulating with a McChicken sandwich.”

WTF. I was lucky enough to read about this before I innocently googled McChicken trending, but some others on the internet were not.

You probably had a worse weekend than anyone if you actually saw this video. Good luck getting that image out of your head.

[Via Mashable]

Image via Youtube

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