Brunch Weddings Are Real And They’re Spectacular

Brunch Weddings Are Real And They’re Spectacular

I may not be the world’s leading expert on brunches or weddings like deFries is, but I know a good idea when I seen one, and the brunch wedding is right up there with the Declaration of Independence and the designated hitter as some of our best ideas.

According to (if you don’t have bookmarked, you’re doing it wrong), there are five crucial questions to consider before you decide to have bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict as the first meal as a married couple.

Some Guests May Not Be Able to Attend
The morning hours pose a challenge for guests who tend to work weekends. Consider your crowd before settling on a brunch wedding — or at least be prepared to receive a handful of regrets.

This is just simply incorrect. If you send out a wedding invitation for brunch, all other plans are hereto forth cancelled. Red Seas are parted. Dead bodies resurrected like Jon Snow. Most weekends I wake up feeling like I’d been put through a booze-fueled wood chipper, but when I get that text for brunch, I Kirk Gibson my ass over to that restaurant. If you build it they will come, and by “it,” I mean a brunch wedding.

The Reception Will Be More Casual
A brunch wedding differs from an evening event for more reasons than just the time of day. A brunch wedding tends to feel more like a garden party or a co-ed bridal shower, and that could be something your guests look forward to. The gentlemen can pull out seersucker suits, brightly colored pants, and playful bowties they rarely have a chance to wear.

Yeah no shit, of course casual is something your guests will look forward to. My dudes, you want to go no socks AND no tie? All kosher at the brunch wedding. Casual is better, it’s more fun. And pulling out the seersucker suit? Brilliant. Weddings are in the summer. That shit gets hot. You’ve got your wool suit on and it’s so hot and sweaty in that thing that your balls are susceptible to trench foot. No more. The brunch wedding is taking wedding comfort to the next level.

You’ll Save Money on Some Things… But Not Everything
A brunch wedding is a simple way to stick to your wedding budget while ensuring it’s an event to remember. You’ll save even more by opting for mimosas or a Bloody Mary bar over a full open bar and by choosing a casual wedding dress and simplified décor to fit the tone of the event. Still, the cost of some things won’t budge, such as your wedding planner, photographer, and band or DJ.

I can have a full Bloody bar, bottomless mimos, and save money? I’m all in. I’ve been saving for my wedding since I was 12. The thing is, even for brunch weddings, I think the play is still full open bar. Some people like to get screwdrivers at brunch. Some people might want to even fuck with a Tom Collins. I couldn’t deny them that basic human right. So if stocking a full open bar for my friends cuts into the extravagant decorations budget, I’m sure I could be all about that simplified décor.

You Shouldn’t Expect a Wild Dance Party
“People who would normally have a few cocktails in the evening and dance might find that a little strange at brunch,” Domino says. This may be music to your ears if you and your fiancé are generally dragged onto the dance floor against your will. “You can have what you want without thinking all of your guests are doing something you wouldn’t even do,” Domino says.

Hahahaha. They couldn’t be more wrong. You do know brunch is a gateway drug, right? Two hours into bottomless mimosas and I guarantee if there’s a square-foot of open floor, people will be dancing. I’d almost expect more of a dance party at the brunch wedding. It’ll be mid-day, the drinks are flowing, and no tiredness will have kicked in at all. Honestly, day or night, dancing will happen at a wedding. Brunch stylin’ and cha cha slidin’.

You’ll Need to Make a Plan for What Happens Next
“You just don’t want your guests staring at each other like, ‘Now what?'” Domino says of when the end time approaches. You have two options. First, you can keep the party going by transitioning from brunch to another activity, like relaxing in cabanas by the pool. Or, you can signal the party’s over by jetting off on your honeymoon and leaving guests free to spend the rest of the day however they’d like. Consider setting up a tour of the city or including suggestions of what to do after the wedding in the welcome bags.

What happens next? I’ll tell you what happens next. We keep drinking. We keep dancing. Venue kicking us out? Fine, let’s take this party to a bar. Again,, have you ever brunched? You don’t go into it with post-brunch plans. You just wing it and see where the day takes you. Brunch is only the beginning. There’s no way that a brunch wedding ends in some fakakta city tour or laying out in cabanas. (Sidebar – cabanas? We brunching poolside in Vegas?). A brunch wedding ups the ante; brunch always raises the stakes. There is absolutely no need to make a plan for what happens next. You just sit back and see where brunch takes you.

I’m all in on the brunch wedding concept. I honestly hope one day I can find my own basic Jewess who wants to say “til brunch do us part” just as badly as I do.


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