Brooklyn Hipsters Found First Preschool For Adults

Brooklyn Hipsters Found First Preschool For Adults
The main reason I drink at family holiday gatherings is the inevitable political discussion that ensues after dessert, usually initiated by none other than my own mother. I am sure most readers can relate. After the political discussion dies down (read: after someone storms off after being called a racist or an idiot), the adults try to find some common ground by reminiscing about their respective childhoods and bringing up certain aspects of American life that are, and I quote, “ruining this country.”

Usually, the things that are “ruining this country” are confined to the same old baby-boomer platitudes: kids today expect everything to be handed to them; Obama is a Muslim; young people today don’t know the value of a dollar; Reagan invented crack and AIDS to destroy black people and gays, etc. The list goes on. Despite my legal education I am rather optimistic and try to enjoy this conversation for its comedic value rather than for any serious intellectual purpose. But this morning I stumbled across a gem so cringeworthy that it truly makes me believe that our generation is ruining this country – like, for realsies you guys.

If ever there was a time to slam your head on your keyboard in frustration with the hipsters who are ruining the country, now is that moment: people in Brooklyn, NY are paying nearly $1000 for a weekly Adult Preschool class. Let that sink in for a minute. Adults are spending what amounts to, at least here in the Big Apple, half a month’s rent to pretend to be little kids for three hours a week. I assumed that most people spent their disposable income on booze and clothes, but apparently the hipsters of Brooklyn have devised another, admittedly creative way to spend the money left over after paying the exorbitant rents of Williamsburg. The program also has a sliding scale for payment based on the income of the attendee – I won’t comment on this part, but I will roll my eyes for effect.

One of the teachers, Candice Kilpatrick, told USA TODAY, “One of the ideas behind the course was to bring preschool strategies to deal with adult real world problems and have people learn from each other.” I don’t know to which preschool strategies Ms. Kilpatrick is referring, but somehow I doubt taking a nap to control your anger or dumping finger paint on someone who is bothering you will fly in any corporate setting. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing Ms. Kilpatrick and the founder, Michelle Joni, for their capitalist initiative – if someone is willing to pay me then you better believe that I will do whatever silly things it takes to earn their money. I’m just in shock that there are people who are willing to pay so much money to escape being an adult instead of doing it the traditional (and much cheaper) way: alcohol.

[via USA Today]

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