Live The #MargLife

Live The #MargLife

Summer is officially here, folks. For many of us in the business world, it doesn’t have the same appeal as it does for college students or teachers. For them, summer is about not having a care in the world besides fixing that hangover with a solid brunch and rehydrating (read: drinking mimosas) For most of us, it just means you have more daylight hours between getting off work and returning the next day and the possibility of maybe actually doing something fun outdoors after work. PGP. But does it really have to be that way?

If you answered, “Yes,” you’re an awful person, and I don’t need that type of negativity in my life. If you audibly screamed, “Fuck no, Shibby,” you’re my kind of person — the kind of person who probably lives the #MargLife. What’s the #MargLife about you might ask? Well, first and foremost it requires a summertime romance with that tasty drink, the margarita, but it’s way more than just a drink choice. It’s a lifestyle.

Just like the rough streets of the #burbs keeping people in the brutal lifestyle and traffic of the #BurbLife, you can also choose to embrace and live the #MargLife. Okay, so now you’re asking, “Shibby, what’s the MargLife about? How do I live it?” Well, it’s pretty simple if you just focus on a few of these pro-tips about living #MargLife

First, never, and I mean NEVER, turn down the opportunity to wear a Hawaiian shirt. The Hawaiian shirt in itself is a lot like a metaphor for the margarita. Tropical, tasteful, ladies love them, and you just feel good when you have one. The Hawaiian shirt might as well be the uniform of living the #MargLife. For the lady readers trying to live the #MargLife, let me just say the Hawaiian shirt is a good look for anyone, but if that’s not your style I’d recommend a fun tank top specifically this one from Lady Outfitters. Because if you’re drinking margs, you might as well get nachos and queso, am I right? Not a Tank top kind of girl, well quite frankly, I think you can pull off that #MargLife look in just about anything that may wind up on my bedroom floor, beautiful.

Secondly, anything goes. The marg is the kind of drink where literally anything goes. I mean that literally and figuratively. I’ve seen (read: drank) everything from a spicy jalapeno marg on the rocks, to me concocting a sweet frozen pineapple marg and cup combo in my kitchen. Tweet @DrShibby for the recipe. The marg flavor spectrum is infinite, and somewhere out there is the right marg for you. You may just need to drink one or six to really find it.

Anything goes when your marg-lifin’ it. If you want to catch a buzz and just ride the proverbial wave, then get that surfer emoji and hang ten my friend. If you want to black out like a sorority girl on her 21st birthday, and it’s Cinco De Mayo, go for it. Anything goes around Marg Town, and it’s certainly 5 o’clock somewhere.

Finally, when you’re Marg-Lifin it, put any and all stressors to the side. You have a big meeting this Tuesday with a firm partner? Don’t worry about it. You had to work unpaid overtime because that one client (read: asshole) doesn’t care you have a life outside the office? Forget about it. You may get fired for showing up late smelling like sours and tequila, but that’s future you’s problem. When living the #Marglife, you only need to worry about one thing: What flavor marg am I going with next?. Everything else will just fall into place. So just relax, enjoy the good tunes playing, and in the words of epic dude, Matthew McConaughey keep, “L-I-V-I-N, livin’ man.” Just be sure to call an Uber and not drive a Lincoln home after too many.

Stay Classy and Marg On.

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Same old Shibbster. Founder of #MargLife and the blumpkin beer craze.

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