5 People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

5 People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

I love the fall. I love the leaves changing, pumpkin everything, apple picking. I even love the slightly colder temperatures – personally, I hate to be hot, so air with a little chill in it is perfect for me. I also love snow – but not in OCTOBER, which is what we got a little bit off this weekend here in New England. And while it wasn’t enough to amount to anything, it did serve as a cruel reminder of what the months ahead will bring – snow banks, ice dams, and salt-coated shoes. But even though I spent the weekend shopping for a new winter coat and trying to find my freakin’ gloves, there are definitely some people who had a worse weekend than me – and you.

McDonald’s Franchise Owners

Remember how excited we all were when McDonald’s announced it was going to serve breakfast all day? An egg McMuffin at 3 p.m.? Hash browns with my Big Mac? Hell yeah! Well, it looks like the initial enthusiasm about McDonald’s breakfast-all-day plan is fading, and restaurant owners are left holding the (greasy) bag.

According to Fox News, a survey of 29 franchise owners, who own a total of 226 locations, are not so happy with the results of the 10-day old program. One owner wrote, “All Day Breakfast is expensive and difficult to execute,” while another stated that the all-day breakfast “just compounded the production problems, all having a negative impact on service.” One respondent places the blame on McDonald’s corporate, saying, “It [all-day breakfast] is another gimmick from the corporate ‘geniuses’ in Oak Brook. The company just keeps adding stress and complexity on the backs of its Owner/Operators and teams.”

So I guess we’re not lovin’ it? [via FOXNews]

Michigan Fans

As I’ve previously stated, I’ll watch college football, but I don’t really have any skin in the game. Therefore, I don’t spend my Saturdays in front of the TV quite the same way I do my Sundays. But when I was out to dinner on Saturday night, I happened to catch the end of the Michigan/Michigan State game and all I have say is…you poor Michigan bastards.

In case you missed it, Michigan was beating Michigan State by two points with nine seconds left when Michigan punter Blake O’Neill dropped the ball on the snap, leading to Michigan State’s Jalen Watts-Jackson running it 38 yards for a game-winning touchdown with no time left on the clock.

So you would probably think that Watts-Jackson had a good weekend…which he probably would have after that touchdown, if the celebrations of the win weren’t so crazy that he too was taken to the hospital with a fractured hip; he had surgery on Sunday.

One guy that DEFINITELY didn’t have a good weekend? Blake O’Neill. The Australian booted an 80-yard punt earlier in the game…but I’m pretty sure no one is going to remember it.

[via Daily Mail]

Snoop Dogg

I must say, I was pretty impressed by Snoop Dogg during his appearance in last week’s ESPN “30 for 30: Trojan War.” (Side note: I will literally watch any “30 for 30,” regardless of the topic. If you love sports and don’t watch it, start. Right now.) He was only seemed to be a little bit high.

Unfortunately, Snoop’s birthday party on Friday night didn’t go as well as his “30 for 30” appearance. The party, held at (appropriately named) Heat Ultra Lounge, was too hot to handle – literally. Right before Snoop was to take the stage to perform for 600 of his nearest and dearest, Halloween decorations on the club’s ceiling caught fire, leading to the sprinklers going off and flooding the dance floor. Everyone was evacuated safely, but Snoop’s 44th birthday bash was canceled.

Making a “drop it like it’s hot” joke is just way too easy here, so instead, I’ll just put that damn song in your head all day.

[via TMZ]

Anyone That Didn’t DVR This Weekend’s SNL

Now, I don’t expect you to stay home on a Saturday night and watch SNL, because you obviously have a life. Of course, I don’t, so I was home to watch Tracy Morgan’s triumphant return to studio 8H after that horrific car accident more than a year ago. I knew that some special guests were going to show up to celebrate the occasion and I wasn’t disappointed, with Larry David playing Bernie Sanders in the cold open and Tina Fey showing up during “Weekend Update.” But the best part was watching Morgan revisit his signature characters from his 1996-2003 run on the show, including everyone’s favorite animal expert, Brian Fellows. So if you forgot to DVR it because you were six shots deep by 9 p.m., you might have missed out. But luckily for you, we have all of the best skits here. You’re welcome.

All Of Us

It’s nearly Halloween, which means that the holiday season is almost upon us…if we make it to then. According to The New York Daily News, “A blog post by a group who call themselves Brussell Sprout has proclaimed a new apocalyptic date, most likely in December — a belief that was also shared by the website Before It’s News and is circulating around the Internet.”

Now, I’m not sure I trust a group that is A.) named after the most disgusting veggie ever and B.) spelled the name of that vegetable incorrectly, but still…what if the sprouties are right? What if the world is going to end in a mere eight weeks in a “celestial collision” with Nibiru, the 10th planet and all I did this weekend was shop, eat, study and watch football? What if I never sleep with that “friend” I’ve wanted to bang forever or eat that “pot gummy” my friend Ryan keeps insisting I need to try? Shit, if this is the end of the world as we know it, I do NOT feel fine.

[via New York Daily News]

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