38 Thoughts That Run Through A Balding Dude’s Mind


  1. Can I wear a hat in there?
  2. When will Rogaine start to grow hair back?
  3. This combover looks prestigious.
  4. I know a couple guys who’ve had success with Nioxin.
  5. This combover looks creepy.
  6. My insurance doesn’t cover Propecia.
  7. Propecia kills boners, anyway.
  8. If I take some hair from back here, and comb it over there, yep.
  9. This wind is God’s way of saying, “Just shave it off, guy.”
  10. I’m looking into this hair transplant deal.
  11. If I stop going out on weekends, I can probably swing this hair surgery.
  12. Hell, Brady did it.
  13. Nobody will notice.
  14. Everyone will notice.
  15. Bruce Willis is still killing it.
  16. Vin Diesel is still…well, he’s trying, I guess.
  17. 20 mph winds out of the south. FML.
  18. Some babes are really into bald guys.
  19. Some babes are unwilling to communicate with bald guys.
  20. It was bound to fall out some day.
  21. So much visible scalp. There’s just so much.
  22. Slick-backs are postgrad as Hell.
  23. Look at this ungrateful clown with a full head of hair.
  24. I’ll never be the dude with thinning hair and a faux hawk.
  25. It’s 2014. There has to be some sort of hair re-growing tech available.
  26. The sides and back are thicker than the top.
  27. Fuck it, it worked for Chevy Chase.
  28. Doesn’t matter what your hair looks like if you’re rich.
  29. I’m not rich.
  30. Definitely gonna see a dermatologist.
  31. Well, when I have some time off, I’m definitely gonna see a dermatologist.
  32. At least it’s not grey.
  33. Is she looking at my power alleys?
  34. Power alleys, power moves. Amirite?
  35. The girl who cuts my hair just recommended a volumizing shampoo.
  36. Rogaine only works on the crown of your head?
  37. It’s the distinguished vibe.
  38. Shave it. Shave it all off.

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