10 Ways To Save Money Without Making Your Life Suck

10 Ways To Save Money Without Making Your Life Suck

All of us are saving money for something. Perhaps it’s your dream car or a vacation to some tropical destination. Maybe it’s even for a place of your own, so you can finally enjoy the heaven on earth that is living completely by yourself. Whatever you’re saving for, one thing’s for certain – pinching pennies isn’t easy.

Between the rent, your student loans, and, as Rachel Green would say “Who is FICA and why is he getting all my money?”, it’s hard to have any cash left over to stow away. While there are tons of lists on how to save your money, a lot of them are completely unrealistic. Like you’re really going to wait for Spectre to come out on demand or pass up that round of golf with your best bros just to squirrel away some ten-spots. Instead, here are some more reasonable ways for you to build up your savings.

Movies on the Cheap.

So obviously there are some movies that need to be seen on the big screen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some cutbacks. Ticket-wise, shows before six on certain days of the week are cheaper, plus if you still look (reasonably) like your student ID, you can use that for discounts too. Of course, anyone who buys soda and candy at the movies for double the price as opposed to sneaking it in is a moron, but I draw the line at popcorn. I don’t know if they sprinkle crack on that stuff, but there is no popcorn as great as movie theater popcorn.

Use Cash for Your Coffee and Keep the Change.

Cash? Who the hell carries cash anymore? No one, obviously. But if you just keep enough on you to pay for your daily morning caffeine fix and then throw the change in a bowl on your desk, you’ll likely save up over $100.00 in a year. Yeah, I know it’s a major pain in the ass to keep change jingling in your pocket instead of throwing it into the tip jar at the coffee place, but $100 bucks is a $100 bucks, and that lady at Starbucks never gets your order right anyway.

Buy Frozen Pizza.

DiGiorno – it’s just like delivery! Oh, fuck it, no it’s not. That’s a complete lie. But at the very least, get in your car and drive your lazy ass down to the pizza place (assuming you’re sober). At least then you can save a few bucks on delivery.


Not only is no one going to want to make out with you if you don’t practice oral hygiene, but taking care of your teeth can also save you some big bucks in the end. Unless you have the Cadillac of dental insurances, there is always a co-pay for fillings, never mind the several hundred bucks a root canal or crown will run you. It’s definitely worth the few extra bucks and minutes in the bathroom to save later.

Brown Bag It.

Yes, I know all of the cool kids in the office go to Chipotle for lunch. So I’m not suggesting you bring your lunch every day and be the anti-social loser that eats a PB&J in your cube. But where I work, going to grab takeout is at least twelve bucks, and sitting down is double that. Bringing one lunch a week over the course of the year puts $520 in my Vegas vacation fund. Not bad for being a dork one day a week.

Cut Down On the Uber.

Uber is every drunk postgrad’s best friend, including mine. While Uber definitely makes sense at the end of the night – safety first! – you likely don’t really need to take it at the beginning of the night. Save yourself a few bucks, suck it up, and take public transportation to get to your drinking destination. I know it’s gross and a pain in the ass, but it will be worth it when you can get limo service for your birthday with the savings.

Stop The Bottled Water.

Seriously, just stop buying bottled water. It’s not any better for you, it’s bad for the environment, and, more importantly for our purposes here, it’s a waste of money. Odds are, your office has filtered water, so buy a reusable bottle and start filling it up. For home, you can either buy a filtered pitcher or a faucet filter. Or, you can be like me and fill up a gallon of water from the office filter before you go home. There’s no shame in my money-saving game.

Don’t Store The Number.

I shop online enough that me and the UPS guy are on a first name basis. In order to feed my addiction, I used to store my credit card info on my favorite sites so I could shop from wherever I happened to be in the moment – home, work, the train, church, wherever. Which was awesome…until my credit card bill came. So I deleted all of my saved credit card information so that I have to make the effort to go get my wallet before I go on a spending spree. As a result, sometimes I rethink a purchase….eh, sometimes may be a bit strong. Once in a while? Occasionally? Okay, it was only that one time that I decided I didn’t really need a vegetable noodler. But still, that’s $12.95 still in my pocket.

Ebay Your Old Stuff.

Despite that fact that I have a closet the size of a small bedroom, my aforementioned shopping addiction does mean I have limited space. So I try to practice the “buy something new, get rid of something old” philosophy. And while I generally tend to donate the stuff I purge, sometimes there is stuff that’s too good just to give away. While I may only sell that handbag I bought for $250 on ebay for $25, it’s better than nothing.

Hit Up Happy Hour.

Most of the advice you see about saving money and drinking say that you should just buy booze and drink at home, because bar drinks are too expensive. But where is there fun in that? How are you going to meet someone to bring home if you never leave your house? Instead, it’s time to broaden your bar horizons. Sure, you have your favorite places where you always have a good time and meet bangable randoms, but do they have dollar margarita night or three buck pitchers? Spread your wings, little butterfly.

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