Why The Lake Is Better Than The Ocean

Why The Lake Is Better Than The Ocean

The lake is better than the ocean. I already know a bunch of you will disagree with me, so let me start by saying this – I don’t care. So you can type up some angry comment all you want, but at the end of the day, the lake is still better than the ocean. If you disagree with me, you are wrong and I hate you.

There is a multitude of reasons why, but first I need to break down what I mean by “lake.” When I say “lake,” I don’t necessarily mean a large lake like, oh, I don’t know… Lake Michigan. However, these are still better than sitting at the beach by the ocean. I’m talking about the small lakes, the ones special to each state and region, the ones in isolated locations, the lakes that feel like heaven.

I’m all about relaxing, and the lake makes that possible. There’s just something about being nestled in a lake house surrounded by trees that feels peaceful. At the ocean, you’re typically up against a road, usually pretty well trafficked, and you’re sandwiched by houses on all sides. At the lake, you’re usually down a private road, sitting back off a cove of the lake, secluded from society. Typically oceans can be overpopulated and trashy people can take over quickly. At the lake, you’re mostly with your own squad at a house or on a boat. You may run into other people when you dock the boat at a lakeside bar, but then you’ll just be surrounded by other chill people grabbing a midday marg before they get back on their boats.

A typical day out on the lake on a boat means fun for everyone. The ladies can lay out on the boat and soak up the sun. The fellas can anchor down and throw out a line. You can swim, tube, ski or board, or just boat around the lake and explore. There’s no better feeling than flying across the lake gliding over the water while the wind blows through your hair (and not salty ocean air, real fresh air). The whole day is fishing, tanning, swimming, watersports, and no sand in your crack when you’re done. Nobody likes going to the ocean and only to get covered (and filled) with sand. Getting in and out of the lake sand-free is a huge plus. Plus, the majority of beaches won’t let you drink on the beach, but you can drink all the beer you want on the boat (unless you’re the one driving the boat, of course, wink wink).

Lake house chilling is also better than beach house chilling. A lot of beach houses have pools, but so do lake houses. Oh, and they also have a lake. While many beach houses have beach access, there’s not usually a private area that’s on the ocean where your whole crew can hang. At the lake house, everyone can hang out on the dock. You can lay out, sit on chairs or a swing, sit on top of the boathouse, fish, jump off the boathouse, use a rope swing, and basically do whatever you want.

I could go on and on, but I guess the main point I am trying to make is that the lake is way more chill. I know not all ocean beaches are tourist traps, but many are. The ocean has more people, more chaos, more risks for ruining your trip, beach traffic, and sand. The lake is solitude. The lake is floating on the water. The lake is your closest friends and family. The lake is fishing, jumping off docks, and boat cruising. The lake is laughs, beers, and memories. The lake is king.

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