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Favorite spot was the Waffle House.

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The Greatest Rap Albums You Weren’t Allowed To Listen To In Middle School

The Most Absolutely Idiotic Foods To Order On A First Date

I Used To Hate Summer Because I Had A Third Nipple

Maybe It’s Time To Take Off The Jersey

Some psychopath scheduled an all day meeting that starts at 7:45 am on Friday. PGP

Post Grad Problems

Stop Complaining And Do Something

Being too scared to put a GIF in the comments on PGP, cause you’re afraid you’ll screw it up. PGP

Post Grad Problems

Spent my entire refund check paying off credit card debt. PGP

Post Grad Problems

The best part of my day is my snack break. PGP

Post Grad Problems

Being excited about your monthly budget you formatted on Excel. PGP

Post Grad Problems