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  • mkt_77098 4 years ago on My Job Is Absolutely Crushing My Christmas Spirit

    I felt the same way a few years ago. I travel a lot for work and usually get burned out towards the middle of November. Going back to work after January 1st made me pretty depressed after spending such an awesome few weeks with people who I don’t see too often.

    A few things that helped me included saving at least a week of vacation for the last week of the year and taking a shit ton of vitamin D to deal with the gloomy skies.

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  • mkt_77098 4 years ago on I'm Engaging In The Chase: Rumplemintz In My Hometown

    The week of Thanksgiving will always be the best time of the year. Most of my friends either live too far away or think they’re too old to go to neighborhood dives the Wednesday before but I’ll livr vicariously through the rest of you.

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  • mkt_77098 4 years ago on 5 Things I Wish I'd Done Differently

    1. Tried harder in college. I went to a shitty, rural high school that does not prepare you for life outside of the immediate area. Learning to study was a chore and I began to worry more about my social life as the years went on. Things still worked out fine and luckily no employers at this stage will worry about my GPA.

    2. Waited to purchase a home. Mortgages in my city are much cheaper than rent so I bought a home and asked a few buddies to rent my spare bedrooms. The pride of home ownership is one thing but routine maintenance and the occasional major fix can be a bitch. Need a new furnace and AC unit at your house? At least $7500 installed. At your apartment complex? Somebody else’s problem.

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  • mkt_77098 4 years ago on Growing Apart From Old Friends Is Just A Part Of Life

    My university’s homecoming is this weekend and most of my friends have bailed. This used to be one of the best weekends of the year but now PTO is consumed by weddings, vacations, and working on house projects.

    I keep hoping that this is isn’t dying off forever. Thanks for giving me hope, Madoff.

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  • mkt_77098 4 years ago on Mac May Be Gone, But His Music Lives On

    Thank you very much for the tribute, Cush. I was first introduced to Pittsburgh rap as a senior in high school when my sister took me to a Wiz Khalifa show at a Carnegie Mellon fraternity party. I remember buying Wiz’s “Flight School” mixtape from a young Mac Miller outside of the venue and he included one of his own CDs for my listening pleasure.

    It was crazy how his music seemed to grow with our generation. He always produced the perfect tracks to fit the differing moods throughout high school, college, and post grad life.

    It always made me wonder if his life would be different had he stayed in Pittsburgh. LA obviously had much more opportunity but the pressure has cannibalized far too many young stars. RIP, Mac.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on Vacations Are For Lounging, Not Itineraries And Activities

    I understand where you’re coming from but I think the vacation duration has a lot to do with it. I begin to get quite stir crazy on days 4-5 and want to go explore the town or just do something other than sit and drink by the pool or ocean. I also need at least 2 days at home before venturing back into the real world after a week away.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on Your Fear Of Untapped Potential Is Not Unique

    Was just grappling with this today like I do most Mondays and Tuesdays. I’m 27, have a six figure salary, long-term girlfriend, beautiful house, but I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough.

    I’m in sales, which can lead to varying career paths if I choose to leave, but the constant ups and downs leave me questioning whether or not I should try getting into med school or working towards my MBA. I’ve had this same thought process for the past two years and I never act on my thoughts, so I fear of being in my 40s, looking back on what could’ve been. I just need that extra kick in the ass to venture outside of what’s comfortable.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on Doing What You Love Doesn't Always Mean You Won't Get Burnt Out

    Excellent article, Madoff.

    My job offers a great schedule where I work from home Monday and Friday and travel Monday evening-Thursday evening. The problem is that I’m usually alone and I feel like I’m going crazy at times. Spending three nights at a Springhill Suites in East Lansing, Michigan can become a little tiring towards the end of the trip (sorry, Duda).

    My last gig, in the same industry for half the pay, made me incredibly burned out. I would come up at the end of the day and just zone out. I was in a city 1500 miles from home so depression began to set in.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on Is Staying Late At The Office Really That Bad?

    I’m always most productive when no one else is around. The sweet spot is finding a job where you can start very early and end early or start late and end late.

    I usually work extra late on Wednesday or Thursday to ensure I don’t leave anything on the table by Friday afternoon. Knowing you have a clean slate at the beginning of each week helps keep the Scaries under control.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on The 5 Stages Of Grief When Your Crush Gets Engaged

    This just him me in the feels.

    My crush and I used to see each other off and on when we were in late high school and all throughout college. Our universities were close to three hours apart but it was almost like we were dating when both home on break.

    She ends up going to law school and I moved across the US for a job. We both cycled through relationships knowing deep down we’d be together in the end.

    Her current man recently popped the question and, to my surprise, she said yes. I’m happy she’s with someone who seems to treat her very well but it’s my own damn fault for dragging my feet and assuming she’d wait around.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on I Have Some Horrible News To Share With You


    I want to sincerely thank you for this. I have a girlfriend whom I love dearly, and just so happens to be a teacher, but the majority of our fights revolve around her bitching about her job. I’ve even suggested she go back to school and earn a nursing degree because all she does is complain.

    Not getting paid enough? Get a summer job. “But I just think it’s pathetic I need a summer job just to supplement my income! I deserve and NEED to have 3 months (and roughly a month during the year) off!” I forgot teaching is as labor-intensive as coal mining or tarring and chipping a roof in the middle of summer.

    I always get roped into setting up her classroom before and helping grade papers during the school year. I don’t agree to it at first, but she will complain so much and ask for help until I cave just so she’ll drop it. She acts like it’s going to take her hours to complete but I finish the task in 30 minutes max.

    We went to a destination wedding with my friends and she complained about her job to anyone within earshot without asking anyone else about work. Even my family and friends make commented about her disdain and I have to live with it.

    Listen, putting up with little heathens each day could suck but everyone deals with shit at work. It’s just no one wants to hear about it every. Damn. Day /rant

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode On A Friday Night

    Big fan of staying in on Friday. Wake up early Friday to get your chores done, maybe workout, get everything done by the time your friends are rolling out of bed.

    You then have all day Saturday and Sunday to do whatever you want.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on Take Advantage Of Your Alone Time While You Still Can

    I have a house, girlfriend, and dog so it gets pretty exhausting. Luckily I get to travel for work and I usually arrive at my destination half a day early so I can just roam around a city by myself and relax in the hotel room with a book or a good movie.

    I sometimes feel like my girlfriend is too dependent on me for entertainment so it’s a breath of fresh air.

    On a side note, let me know if any PGPers in Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Detroit want to grab a drink on a weeknight.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on Coming To Grips With The Fact That The Party Cannot Last Forever

    Solid post, Duda.

    I’m at a similar crossroads in life. I was going out Thursday-Friday and realized I wasn’t saving as much as I wanted to because I decided to spend the couple extra hours out at the bar.

    I now stay in or come home before midnight on most Fridays and wake up feeling refreshed on Saturday morning. Waking up early on a Saturday makes me feel invincible because I can complete stupid chores like laundry and grocery shopping, maybe even fit in a workout.

    As someone mentioned, overcoming FOMO is the first step. You don’t even have to stay in. I now look up smaller festivals or free concerts in my city and they’re a ton of fun.

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  • mkt_77098 5 years ago on I’m Going To Lose This Weight: For The Love Of Cheese

    I gained some weight over college and decided I wanted to get rid of it once I became more active. Nothing seemed to work until I turned to a high fat, high protein, low carb diet.

    It’s rough getting used to it for a few weeks but then I felt great and was losing about two pounds per week. I’m not absolutely ripped by any means but I’ve been able to maintain the weight while still having fun on weekends.

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