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Thank God for The Masters.

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Watch Rickie Fowler & Justin Thomas Get Back-To-Back Hole-In-Ones On The Same Hole


The New Scott Sterling Volleyball Blocks Video Had Me Crying At My Desk In Laughter

I’m a 4.9. No big deal, but kind of a big deal.

Ashton Kutcher Compared His Uber Rating With Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

If You’re A Single Guy Who Likes To Party, This Might Be The Greatest Internship Ever Listed

8:15 AM Monday follow-ups about 5:30 PM Friday emails. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Realizing my bar tab last night was higher than my contribution to my 401(k)

Post Grad Problems

Just realized my tax return was essentially an interest free loan to the government for the last year. PGP

Post Grad Problems

A Practical Guide To Men’s Fashion

Probably one of the more underrated hosts in recent history.

Melissa McCarthy’s Cut SNL Supermarket Game Show Sketch Thankfully Surfaced On YouTube

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