These Real Life Answers To What People Do After Work Are Hilariously Depressing

These Real Life Answers To What People Do After Work Are Hilariously Depressing

I dream of the days when I could go home from work, pound a million beers with some buddies while watching a Tigers game, and feel no effect the next day when I’d wake up for work and do it all over again. Now, I get home from work and drink a couple drinks in hopes that I won’t get a minor hangover that will linger through lunch. I lethargically fall asleep while scrolling Instagram before my 6:30 alarm goes off and I hop back on the grind.

But just when I thought that sounded depressing, I read Reddit’s “What are you doing after work tonight?” prompt and all of the sudden felt awesome about the state of my life.

Per Reddit:

Having a bbq for my son’s 5th birthday.

You know, I’m onboard with this. Especially if someone is there absolutely dominating the party.

Going on a 3rd date with a fantastic girl. (:

Dude, please tell me you’re not tossing those reverse smilies in iMessages with her.

Moving my Pumpkin Ale from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter and cleaning bottles in preparation for bottling it this weekend. Hooray Beer!

Moving your pumpkin ale from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter and cleaning bottles in preparation for bottling this weekend. PGP.

Board game night with some friends. It’s supposed to be RPG night, but I didn’t prepare anything to run.

Tone it down before I have to call the fun police.

It’s my birthday! So…nothing! But a beer will be involved.

The last two years running, all I’ve wanted for my birthday is to sit in front of a fire while eating a steak and watching the Red Wings in a pair of sweatpants.

Netflix and chill.

Yep, that’s the motherfuckin’ motto.

Taking my pants off and drinking a bottle of wine.


Playing Final Fantasy Type-0 on Steam and watching Game of Thrones season 5.

I don’t even know what this means. Put down the video games, chief.

Working out, unpacking, drinking, smoking, reading, then sleep.

The Post Grad Problems version of GTL.

Going home, having a beer or two, hanging out with my puppy and playing video games.

Who needs video games when you have a puppy, man? Come on.

I’m cleaning. My new GF is coming over this weekend for the first time and I want her to be impressed with how well I take care of my place.

Don’t set the bar too high or you’ll regret it until she forces you to marry her.

I play adult co-Ed competitive kickball. I’m gonna hit the bar for a little happy hour then kick a red ball around with a bunch of other adults that take it a bit too seriously.

Hey, it’s better than playing Ultimate Frisbee.

I’ve got a YuGiOh locals tournament, I do it for fun.

Right after sorting some classic vintage Pokémon cards for the convention this weekend.

I’m going wakeboarding on that the lake I live on.

Okay, we’re getting somewhere.

I’m going to a ballroom dance lesson. We are getting married in September and my fiancee loves to dance. We’ve been taken lessons for about four months because she didn’t want me to dance like my dad does.

It turns out that I really like to dance. We have been taking private lessons to work on the quickstep/jive for our first dance and then take group lessons to improve as dancers in general.

Tonight we are working on some advanced mambo. It’s a ton of fun and good cardio.

Todd…is that you?

Cooking a god damn steak and continuing my binge of Criminal Minds.

Max chill that all of us have to have respect for.

Dinner then gym, then hopefully sexytimes with the SO.

I’m not sure what I hate more: “sexytimes” or “SO.”

Going out with friends for a drink …… And hopefully 10 more

Preach, man. Preach.

For more depressingly relatable answers, pour a cocktail and head over to Reddit’s “What are you doing after work?” prompt and pat yourself on the back.

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