The Michelob Ultra Weekend In Review That Isn’t (Yet) Sponsored By Michelob Ultra: April 17

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This was a pretty big weekend for me as a functioning member of society. I got to go back to Michigan, spend some quality time with my parents, and most importantly, retrieve a mattress and bring it back with me to Chicago.

On the Michelob Ultra front, we had folks from sea to shining sea enjoying the low carb beer specifically designed for athletes. This is actually starting to become a thing and I’m thrilled with all of the snaps and tweets that I’ve been getting. Let’s go!


Slim can nation has taken the world by storm. Everyone seems to be going for slim cans instead of the classic glass bottle. Can’t blame ’em. It really gives off the athlete vibe.


How many thunder claps a la Usher in the “Yeah!” music video was this guy doing in ATL? Hopefully a few.


So did a bunch of people just decide to skip work on Friday, play golf, and drink Ultras without me? Must be nice, guys. Must be nice.


This dude looks like he’s about one more spreadsheet away from blowing his head off. I hope he got out of that cube soon after sending that snap to me and grabbed himself an ice cold Ultra.


Driving a golf cart around with a cooler full of Ultras whilst harassing high school kids sounds like a hell of a way to spend a Friday.


That guys fucks.




No joke, before I drove back to Chicago yesterday I stocked up on slim cans of Ultra because I can’t find them anywhere in the city. #SlimCanNation baby.


Don’t drink and drive, folks. Having said that, NASCAR drivers are athletes, too. They need Michelob Ultras just like the rest of us.


I’ve been hearing a lot of shit talk about Michelob Ultra from the gallery lately. I think this picture puts the rumors about Mich Ultra not being a superior beer to bed. Good on this guy.


Looks like this might have been taken at an RBC Heritage event. You have to think there were a ton of hot girls and Michelob Ultras rolling around.


Uhhhh sup?


Once again, sup?


Didn’t want to have to do this again, buuuuuut sup?


We’re on a Michelob Ultra light beam.




Embrace the hate.


Yeah, that’s a dangerous deal when the entire squad is on the Ultra train. That bar probably ran out of Ultras.


Goddamnit. It’s getting ridiculous at this point but- sup?


I’m in love with whoever this is. Blasting cigs and drinking Mich Ultra. Let’s elope.


Where is the seatbelt? You can’t have Ultras riding shotgun and not strap ’em in. You’re better than this.

Big Al checking in with a killer setup. Mich Ultra on tap and Walgreen’s cups. So money.

The superior beer for athletes everywhere.

I’m a salty Red Wings fan who has had a lot of trouble watching the playoffs this year. I hate the Blackhawks so maybe I’ll hop on the St. Louis Blues bandwagon this year. They’ve never won the cup and it’d be a nice little story I think.

No mistakes here, Justin. That’s just a bottle of replenishment with your name on it. Hopefully you enjoyed that beer after biking up a mountain or running a half marathon.

Must. Cop.

Refreshing flavor and only 96 calories! What a beer!

Honestly, I don’t even want to know where one would find 8 oz Michelob Ultras because I would absolutely be carrying those around in my pockets and probably get a arrested.

An RG shirt coupled with a slim can. What a guy.

I hope you followed that truck.

Big Al. Crushing it per usual.

Three day weekend huh? Again, must be fucking nice.

To say that the Michelob Ultra fans were out in full force this weekend would be an understatement. The Ultra train is still in its infancy, but the feedback thus far has been really tremendous. You guys are really buying into the Ultra life and I love every last one of you for it. If enough people hop on board maybe we can get the PR department at Michelob to notice and they’ll throw us a little soiree somewhere. Until then, keep on keepin’ on. There’s plenty of room on board the Michelob Ultra train and you’re all invited. Let’s have ourselves a week.

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