The Guy Who Handed Warren Beatty The Best Picture Envelope Was Firing Off Tweets Right Before

The Guy Who Handed Warren Beatty The Best Picture Envelope Was Firing Off Tweets Right Before

As a guy who has definitely been reprimanded for tweeting too much at work at one point in my career, my heart 100 percent goes out to this poor guy. The ULTIMATE “you had one job” screw up moment in the history of screw ups. The Oscars, for all its over-the-top self praise, lengthy runtime and celebrity idol worship, runs like a well oiled machine. There hadn’t been a single screw up in the 88 previous Academy Awards when it came to announcing winners. Not one.

Brian Culliman (who is, by the way, a huge swinging dick at PwC. He’s a partner), fired off a tweet of Emma Stone posing with her little gold man right after winning Best Actress. Here’s the first misstep in this whole boondoggle: switch around that camera and fire off a quick selfie for the ‘gram, Bri. Double tap city. Firing off a quick glorified creepshot for Twitter points is bad form.

The second misstep here, and I have to admit I would have made the same one, was making direct eye contact with Emma Stone. Lightning bolt right into the throbbing ventricles of your heart. Forget it. I don’t care if you are some corporate big wig at the Big Four. You make eye contact with a human angel like her and you’re gonna be shook as hell for days on end. Hell, I fall in love with chicks in movie trailers without even seeing the movie (Gal Gadot, sup). Imagine seeing them in real life? It’d be game over for me.

So Culliman was obviously pre-occupied before grabbing the wrong envelope to give to Warren Beatty. Also, under-appreciated part of this whole thing is Beatty dropping a live grenade right into Faye Dunaway’s lap and passing off the biggest mistake in showbiz history. Boss move. I don’t think he’s getting enough credit for that kind of quick thinking. Like they always say, “acting is reacting,” and Warren Beatty reacted the only way he knew how when you get a steaming pile of shit dropped in front of you. You juke left and let the person next to you step in it.

The crazy thing is, apparently this guy has been doing this gig for years. All he wanted was a pic of Emma Stone in her big moment, and who are we to blame him? I say we lay off the guy for a bit.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel planned this whole thing. Try to keep up, people.

[via WSJ]

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