The Best And Worst Cities For Singles Are Here And They’re Not What We Expected

The Best And Worst Cities For Singles Are Here And They're Not What We Expected

Dating today is terrible. Between Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and dozens of other apps designed for hookups, it seems that even though your potential dating pool has exploded to an exponential level, the quality of the people you meet has dropped dramatically. Going on dates is a thing of the past, and even getting to the point of “Netflix and chill” is somehow substantially more difficult than you would ever imagine. Badoo, an online dating site, decided to tackle this problem with data and ranked the best and worst locations for singles in the country. By taking the number of singles in the dating pool and determining the percentages of singles in the area, Badoo was able to locate just where exactly your best chances lie in the hopes of finding your one true love. Unfortunately, the results weren’t what researchers expected, and there’s a pretty strong chance that they don’t work in your favor either.

New York, NY
Miami, FL
Houston, TX
San Francisco, CA
Laredo, TX

Akron, OH
Glendale, AZ
Colorado Springs, CO
Chandler, AZ
Norfolk, VA

Not what you expected, right? According to Badoo’s research, cities with larger urban populations, AKA where all of you cubicle monkeys reside, actually have lower percentages of available singles, which actually helps to explain why your Tinder is such a hot mess. While the number of people in cities such as New York or San Francisco vastly outweighs those of more rural areas, the likelihood that the attractive person you met on the subway is already committed is sadly significantly higher. If city life is wearing on you and you’re ready to turn in the bachelor lifestyle, it may be time to head out to the ‘burbs. If all goes well, you may just find the love of your life. Or something close enough.

[via Refinery29]

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