So You Hate Your Job: Recruiter Mailbag Part 2

So You Hate Your Job: Recruiter Mailbag Part 2

Hey y’all, sorry for the gap in submitting this. My wife and I found out recently that what we thought was going to be baby #2 is actually going to be baby #2 and baby #3. Life comes at you fast. Let’s kick this off.

So, I read about what you tell me to do, but what should I NOT be doing while conducting a job hunt?

I’m glad this was asked. I’ve debated whether or not to write something on this topic but was afraid of coming off like a giant d-bag. The biggest thing I would say is that when a recruiter finally calls you, and you’re actually in the interview process, don’t blow up their phone requesting updates.

Perfect example: I am working on an opening right now and there is a candidate who, on paper at least, is a 100% match for this position. With that being said, he will not leave me alone. He legit just emailed me saying “I am trying to pester you into giving me a truthful update.” Over the past 8 days this guy has emailed me 9 times, called my desk phone three times, my cell phone twice (on a Saturday) and even fucking texted me on Sunday asking for updates. I have legit responded to everything but the text message telling him I don’t have any updates for him right now as the hiring manager is on vacation and there will be a delay.

I truly feel for this guy, he left working with the government (retiring takes time) in hope of landing another job. The job he thought he had with a different company went away, so this guy is without a paycheck. I feel bad for him; part of being a recruiter is that the livelihoods of some of the candidates is in your hands. That’s not something I take lightly, so I have tolerated this guy’s straight up harassment of me because I feel bad for him.

After telling him 5 separate times that I will let him know the second I have an update, I am seriously beginning to question whether or not to withdraw my referral of him to a position. Recruiters have reputations to uphold. We are customer service types with the client being a hiring manager. If we continuously send bad candidates to the hiring manager, they will go elsewhere. If you annoy the crap out of a recruiter, they’ll assume you’ll do the same to the hiring manager, thus hurting the recruiter’s brand and that can turn them off on you hella fast.

Lastly, don’t insult the company you are trying to work for. I was at a job fair last week and a candidate walked up to me and said the equivalent (in my company terms) of: “Man, the new iPhone is terrible, you’re getting destroyed by Samsung right now. That really sucks for you. So what types of positions is Apple hiring for?” I was dumbfounded someone actually thought insulting a company would be a good strategy when it comes to trying to work there.

I just got a call from the recruiter with an offer package at a new company and I accepted. Should I drop a two-week notice and if so, when?

Yes. Always drop it, you never know when you might cross paths with that person again. One of my counterparts worked at a company before coming here and his boss loved him. He left that company because he could make 1.5x as much money here and got a legit title increase. He then ran into some really shitty stuff that happened here (not his fault) and is looking like he might get fired. Because he dropped a notice, his old boss is going to gladly bring him back to his old company and have him replace his old boss as that guy is retiring. Had he straight bounced from that company, middle-fingers a blazing, then he wouldn’t be able to land on his feet.

As far as the WHEN? Always wait until you have a written offer in hand. The offer process goes like this:

1. Verbal Offer
2. Background Check
3. Employment Verification
4. Written Offer

If you’ve received a verbal offer, a lot of things could go wrong before you receive your formal offer letter. Always wait until you have the written offer letter. Always. I don’t care how sure you feel about this new job, you always wait. Hell, you could be going to work for your dad, you always wait for the letter. The candidate I referenced in the first question did not wait and now he is up shit creek. Always wait.

I’ve started connecting with recruiters at some of my target companies on LinkedIn. They’ve accepted. Now what?

Recruiters work best with actionable intel. Some (not all) recruiters will tell you which specific positions they recruit for either within their LinkedIn summary or straight up in their LinkedIn title. If the recruiter is searching for something that interests you (or you see them attached to a job posting on LinkedIn) then reach out to them introducing yourself. This is your elevator pitch/the “tell me about yourself.”

Once you’ve done that, let them know that you are interested in positions 1, 2 and 3. Recruiters can’t execute your own job-hunt for you within their company. They are simply there to give you a push across the finish line. If you give them something they can act on, you’ll not only be helping them, you’ll be helping yourself.

I don’t graduate until May but I’m starting to do a preliminary search for jobs now. What should I be doing?

For most companies, the target window is going to be between 60-90 days of your desired start date. AKA now. If you are six months out then now is not a good time to be applying for jobs. You should absolutely be doing research now and giving yourself some extra tools (certs, classes, etc.) that you feel will help you when it comes time to launch the search.

There is an exception to this rule. That exception comes from recruiters who solely focus on working with college graduates/MBA grads and are trying to fill recent graduate slots within a specific program that company has. Those recruiters usually fill 25-200 slots each June with candidates who are joining the company. You can reach out to them almost any time.

Recruiters like me have roughly 25 days start-to-finish to fill each individual role they are assigned. University recruiters, meanwhile, have 11 months each year to fill 200 slots with the same start date. They are always looking for candidates so they can get a good jump on their year, even if that means offering you a job in August 2017 that comes with a June 2018 start date.

Any and all questions, resumes for reviews, etc. can be sent to Kiawah Island Strip Club

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