So You Hate Your Job: Business Coach

So You Hate Your Job: Business Coach

I’ve been getting loads of career related questions here of late, so I thought I would resurrect an old feature and see if y’all would be interested in it continuing. Let me know!

Hey Kiawah, with you in Seattle now are you still a recruiter?

Ish. It’s not my day job anymore but it is still a side gig. My new job is within talent management and development. I’m a hybrid of career coach, trainer, operations, evaluator and promotion navigator. It’s my job to help people (specifically Veterans) come into my company and get up to speed stupid fast. It’s also my job to then fast-track the shit out of you up the ranks. Figure out what training is pertinent to each individual and what’s not. Who we can promote early, who we can’t. Things like that.

Hey man, I’ve been reading Coffee Thoughts every morning and it seems like everyone is interviewing for new jobs. Is there a trend for hiring to pick up during summer?

Yep! There are three main hiring windows each year and they all correspond to events. The windows are January, June and September/October.

January is the start of a new calendar (and for some companies fiscal) year. Further, almost no hiring is done during November and December so some of that just spills into January.

June is the start of a new fiscal year for a lot of companies. Further, for whatever reason, a ton of evaluations and promotions are done during March and April. Promotions lead to people moving up and bad evaluations lead to people moving out. Throw that in with the FY change and you’ll see hiring ramp up. I knew at my old company nobody would ever quit January-May because of fiscal year end bonuses that were doled out at the end of the FY in May. That’s five months of people not quitting from Jan-May, and then they all leave at once in June.

September/October has everything to do with the Federal Government and more specifically, the Department of Defense. The DoD budget is the biggest driving factor behind that as companies are either ramping up new hires in order to support an existing contract or they are figuring out how to hire for a new contract they were just allocated in the new budget that is now funded.

So why does any of this matter? This all means that it’s hunting season! Now is a primo opportunity to jump ship if you’re considering it. If your current or dream company has a federal contract, I’d get ready to jump ship in September.

Hey Big Tex, contemplating a change of scenery after a bad break-up. Not sure where I want to move or what job I want to do. I just need to leave. With that being said, what areas are looking the best job wise over the next decade?

There are places with crazy growth that aren’t worth it in my opinion. Looking at you SF Bay. Yeah there are jobs but the cost of living is obnoxious. In no particular order, I think the best places for job growth where you’d actually want to live are:

San Diego
San Antonio

There’s a good mix of cultures there. Hope that helps. All of these cities are popping up on a lot of specific industries future growth areas. I guess you could add Seattle on to that list, as well….

Hey man, are MBAs the new SEC football?

I’m going to assume you mean overrated. #hookem.

I don’t think they are, but make sure you nail down a focus area. That, or ensure that you are reaching out to the MBA recruiting teams of big companies. Is an MBA useful in a job? Kinda. But I think the biggest thing it gets you is a foot in the door at some big companies. We assume people with MBAs are smart (which is sometimes the case) so they get their own recruiting teams and everything. An MBA at least gets you an invitation to the big kids table, what you do from there is up to you.

Y’all let me know if you’d like this series to continue or if you’d like it to shift towards career coach type stuff (or just shitcan it all together). Totally up to y’all which way this goes!

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I'd rather be golfing. Seattle sucks so I write about that. Also work...ish in recruiting. Shoot your resume to for any and all job hunt questions.

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