People Continue To Be Shocked That Brunch Weddings Are The Next Big Thing

People Continue To Be Shocked That Brunch Weddings Are The Next Big Thing

We’ve covered brunching extensively on this website, and for good reason. Brunch is phenomenal, in all phases of the game. Offense, defense, and special teams. Brunch just crushes it no matter how you slice it.

And hey! It was only a matter of time before some bougie couple who wanted to shake up a wedding and decided instead of some stupid choreographed intro dance they’d just completely flout society’s conventions and spring for a brunch wedding. I’ve even ranted about what a great idea brunch weddings are, and I still stand by it all. I can’t wait to find some little Jew minx and say “’til brunch do us part.”

Of course it comes as a shock to nobody that older generations gawk at these “millennial trends” and feel the the need to pen pieces such as “Is there anything more millennial than the brunch wedding trend” to which I say. yes, there’s certainly way more millennial bullshit we can come up with. I mean, how about someone who makes a living making wedding hashtags? That’s wayyy more millennial than wedding brunch.

Nevertheless, it’s always fascinating to read about why people think a trend such as the brunch wedding is picking up steam, and of course their reasoning couldn’t be more off base if they tried.

Per Evening Standard:

Enter: brunch weddings.
The idea has been picked up by everyone’s go-to source for wedding inspiration, Pinterest, in its 2017 wedding report.

The social network reports that the term ‘brunch wedding’ has had a 35 per cent increase in search over the past year, with brides-to-be pinning brunch recipe ideas at a steadily growing rate.

The idea is as simple as having your reception earlier in the day – usually between the hours of 11am and 2pm.

The benefits of doing this are numerous – your booze costs will be much cheaper than an evening affair, you won’t have to fork out for a band and it gives you an excuse to serve Instagram-friendly dishes that will look absurdly attractive in your wedding photos.

These days, Millennials would rather commit to throwing an early A.M affair that sees the whole event wrapped up by mid-afternoon so they can jet off to their honeymoon with a clear head, a clear conscience and no fears of a stonking hangover the next day.

Yes, we want our Instagram feeds filled with epic wedding brunch pictures, there’s no denying us of that fact nor our given right to be as obnoxious as possible by electrifying our feeds with pictures of us in a 11/10 Mount Saint Helens fire flames outfit Boomeranging champagne mid-morning at a fancy estate.

But we’re not throwing brunch weddings to have it all “wrapped up by mid-afternoon so they can jet off to their honeymoon with a clear head, a clear conscience and no fears of a stonking hangover the next day.” If you believe that than you just don’t get millennials.

We’re not trying to wrap up the party by mid-afternoon; we’re trying to start the party as early as possible to keep the party train rolling all day. Most weddings, the drinking starts around maybe 5 p.m.? 6 p.m.? Too late. Get those mimos going early. Brunch, after all, is a gateway drug and the only way to ensure your wedding is the banger of the year is to get it going as early as possible.

We’re not trying to have brunch weddings so we can have a clear conscience. Weddings are celebrations of love, friendship, and fun. They’re wild times you’re supposed to have with your best and closest friends. When is that ever a recipe for a clear conscience? I’m going to a wedding to shamelessly hit on bridesmaids, take advantage of an open bar, and do stupid stuff on a dance floor. Brunch only accelerates this process.

And we’re certainly not throwing brunch weddings to avoid next-day hangovers. I’m pretty certain I only get hangovers on the days after I’d been brunching. Brunch is the mother of all hangovers. I’m throwing a brunch wedding with the hopes that every single guest is feeling terrible the next day.

It’s always entertaining to see people come up with an excuse for why brunch weddings are picking up steam, but the real answer is brunch is just a great way to start a day devoted to debauchery and good times.

[via Evening Standard]

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