Ordering Food Is Ruining My Life

Ordering Food Is Ruining My Life

I’m a busy man. With so much going on all the time, there are many days when I get home from work and realize I don’t feel like spending 30 minutes to an hour plus making dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, but sometimes a chili cheese dog, wings or fried chicken sounds way better made by someone else than me.

The problem is, it’s costing me in more ways (or weighs) than one.

In my household, if I don’t cook it, we aren’t eating. I find this to be a very fair tradeoff because cooking is essentially the only duty I perform that is noteworthy, at least in terms of the house. Any idiot can cut the grass, water the plants and feed the animals (my only other chores), and my dishwashing/putting away of dishes leaves something to be desired. Long story short, I am a messy slob and I just can’t help it. I’m not allowed to do laundry anymore after I left pens in my pants on more than one occasion and my attention to detail is often lacking. Even after a long day, there are times where I’m just not up to cooking. People have to eat, which leads me to ordering out and where I live, there is no shortage of delicious yet terrible for you foods.

Besides making me fatter, dropping a minimum of $20 for reach meal is a killer. I’m in a modern relationship so we take turns paying for meals, but really, it’s the pits shelling out for meals. Each time I get the dinner bill (plus a 20% tip), it reminds me that I could have prepared a meal with at least a day’s worth of leftovers for at least half of that. I cringe at the end of every month as I look at my banking statements, realizing how much is thrown away, simply because I’m lazy. We live in a convenience world, and boy, am I living in it.

Sunday used to be my “meal prep” day, if you could call it that. I would largely make different burrito concoctions, take out meat from my bulging freezer (I always buy manager special meat and forget about it in my freezer), or prepare something for a crockpot meal. It’s easy to make a crockpot meal early in the week and eat for the week while making two smaller meals to get through. I’d have a rough idea of what I wanted to make each week and go with it. The problem is, with football season in full swing and the preparation of food for the entire tailgate, I have no desire to devote another day to cooking. It’s an excuse.

I guess this entire article is a self-reflection on personal and general sloth. Up until recently, I was pretty good about making food every night and only eating out once a week. The thing is, I know when I cook, I make a huge mess, have to clean up, do dishes and the looming prospect of doing stuff turns me off from the entire process.

My townhouse gets messier than it already is which leads to anxiety. The kitchen is my dojo and I have disrespected it. It’s one of my many character flaws, but there is hope and I need to get back to my roots. Besides making me fatter and crushing my wallet, it’s taken a psychological toll on me. I’m one of those kind of people that has to keep at the craft or I’ll lose it. I’ve begun second-guessing myself on recipes I’ve made for years. I haven’t been innovative at all and it’s demoralizing.

Maybe many of you share the same problem. Like getting back to the gym after a long hiatus (something I also need to do), you just have to do it. No more excuses, no more lying to yourself. What sets us apart from animals is the fact that we cook our food. Sure, eating out is great, but honestly, I need to cut it out, for my gut and wallet’s sake.

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