Meet Dan Price, The Guy Who Lives On $5,000 A Year

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Most of us here are all part of the same struggle. Those of us who have full-time employment are overworked and underpaid. Those of us who aren’t employed can only hope to be. We’re at that stage in life where $100 is still a lot of money but we also have the ability to blow it a couple times over at a bar or on bills, albeit not without regret. We’ll be good in about five years, but for now the first-world struggle is as real as it gets. That’s why it always annoys me to no end when people take what they have for granted.

Today, that person is Dan Price.

“More than two decades ago, then-33-year-old Dan Price had a wife, two small children, a high-interest mortgage, and a stressful job.”

Living a situation otherwise known as “being an adult,” albeit with poor sense for finances, Dan had it all – a wife, kids, a house, and a job. However, Dan decided that after reading a book on rejecting modernity, presumably The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he was going to throw it all away in order to be a hobbit.

“Price’s marriage dissolved soon after, and the whole family moved to Oregon, where he grew up. Price opted to move alone into a tiny cabin in the woods, then a flophouse, then a teepee, and finally into an underground ‘Hobbit hole’ on a horse pasture near a river, where he still lives.”

We kid around a lot about “livin the dream,” but this is quite possibly my nightmare. Price threw away his family and his house to make some sort of selfish point on consumerism. Hobo by choice, he doesn’t even stick to his own contrived morality. Price pays $53 a month for a cell phone and owns both an iPad and a MacBook Air. When it gets too cold in his Shire during the winter, he flies to Hawaii and squats there instead.

Not only is Price an asshole to his family, he’s also part of a growing group of people, almost entirely white because this level of douchebaggery requires a type of entitlement grown throughout generations, that use up resources actually intended for those who are homeless without a backup plan. Price is rejecting normalcy simply because it is easier to give up on something and convince yourself that you really don’t want it than it is to keep at it and succeed.

While many of us struggle to find jobs or find happiness at those we have, there are people out there like Dan Price who have rejected the idea of reality, entirely. I suppose that it’s always an option.

[via CNBC]

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