Mailbag: Bachelor Party Season And The Chainsmokers


Welcome to the PGP Mailbag, wherein I will answer questions from you, our readers. Send your questions to

Got a couple Bachelor party questions.

1. Is it ok to pad your party roster with guys you know, that aren’t invited to the wedding. Thinking to help split cost on stay, booze and extracurriculars. All the guys have same interests and like to have a good time. So it’s either 5 close friends. Or 10 guys who want to get shitfaced and have a fun weekend.

2. Bringing strippers to the house vs the club. We always go to the club and after paying cover, 2 or 3 lap dances and drinks we all end up paying over 100$. Would it be better for 8-10 guys to rent 2-3 strippers for a couple hours and pay like 70$ each. Also, makes sense so no one drinks and drives, we have all our alcohol already and my boy can get one on one action without having to negotiate price. Or deal with other drunk assholes hogging up the action. The pros seem to outweigh the cons here.

Thanks for the help. Big fan of the site and what y’all do.

1. I think it’s a pretty odd move to invite guys to your bachelor party who aren’t invited to the wedding. Why would you want them around to celebrate this awesome rite of passage with you if you aren’t close enough with them to have them there on your big day?

Now, I’ve been to multiple bachelor parties where guys are included who weren’t in the actual wedding party but were invited to the wedding, and this is perfectly acceptable. The more the merrier in some bachelor party settings, but these are guys you’re still close with.

2. I’ve never been a proponent of bringing strippers to you. Going to strip clubs is fun for the novelty of it. Like hey it’s a big group of guys here to have a laugh and look at naked chicks. But bringing them to your house really ups the scum factor, in my opinion. I’m not into it.

What up Dillon?

I’m actually going to make a Franken-question from a recent mailbag of yours. I have my bachelor party coming up… and after much deliberation, we decided that it is going to be in Austin (Texas that is).

My friends and I are all big college football guys from B1G country. I’ve always pictured my bachelor party at an SEC game, HOWEVAH, those campuses are all in the middle of goddam nowhere and impossible to get to (with the exception of Vandy and that only vaguely resembles a football like substance) so we audibled and decided on Austin for the long Labor Day weekend (UT is taking on some cupcake).

My friends and I are all yankee-scum like Defries and this is actually the first time for all of us in the city. We will definitely be visiting the bars on the numbered streets. What else are the “must do’s” in Austin to have the best weekend in fun? Should we hit up this muni I’ve heard so much about on TB? Would love to play a course that’s deece nice but won’t have us kicked off by the third hole (plus producer Micah could ruin the whole group’s vibe). Any particular tailgate lots we should seek out or avoid? Is hill country or spending a day on the lake a good idea to mix it up?

I’m assuming you will probably invite us all out to the ranch to shoot guns and drink brown liquor…making all of this a moot point, but any advice from you or outsourced to the rest of the grandex crew would be awesome!

Appreciate all you guys do, wish I could give the pod 6 stars.

PS: Which professional athlete would be your number 1 draft pick for The Challenge (for both on and off the field performance)? Who would be the worst? Feel free to cut this out from the mailbag and turn it into an entire article. I know content never sleeps and this might crash your servers with the amount of clicks it would generate.

First of all, and I hate saying this, the tailgating scene at the University of Texas kind of sucks right now. When the team is good, it’s a top 20 place to tailgate, but the team is far from good right now. I won’t go as far to say Texas fans are fair weather, but the tailgating is fair weather. If a North Texas or some shitty school like that rolls into town, the crowds will be pathetic. Plus, there is no centric tailgating area in Austin. The stadium is in the middle of the city so all the plots are spread out.

No you don’t want to waste time in the hill country and the lake would be fun only if you rented a boat, but you should spend most of your time on Rainey Street for day-drinking and the numbered streets for nightlife.

The muni golf course we talk about is called Lions. It’s not nice but it’s an Austin staple, and close to downtown.

Maybe someone like JJ Watt. He’s not only a physical freak of nature, but he’s a high motor guy who will never quit on you. He’s also so wrapped up in preserving his image that he’d stay above the fray back at the house when shit starts to pop off. Plus I don’t think he even drinks. He’d be a tough out for sure. I’d like to see he and CT go head-to-head in an elimination.

Long time reader, just started getting into the Podcasts, love ’em.

Complete hypothetical here in response to one your most recent mailbag questions/answers. If Sir Topham Hatt were to be brought on Dudes Doing Business as their special guest, would you take the opportunity of having him in house to hop on the cast as well? And if so, would you be polite, or just absolutely fry him on his business practices?

Looking forward to your response.


Sir Topham Hatt would be a better fit for DDB. Dude is all business. And let’s give the man some credit — he runs a thriving rail line. I’d have so many questions for him, though.

1. Why does Sodor have such an elaborate rail system?
2. Where are the trucks?
3. Where are the roads and cars?
4. How can you justify letting these engines burn through so much damn coal doing extracurriculars?
5. Why let a little bitch like Percy haul freight for you? Kick his ass off the island.

Hi Dillon,

Which song do you feel is the bigger jam: Paris or Closer? Is this opinion shared by everyone in the Grandex office? You may want to consult the expert on this one, Will DeFries.

Also, who’s your early pick to win the Masters this year?


This may seem like a joke but I mean it very sincerely so please take me seriously: “Closer” was the worst song I had ever heard in my life. It has zero redeeming qualities about and Drew, the vocalist, needs to stick to the ones and two because he flat can’t sing.

This opinion is shared by very few people somehow. I really don’t understand how a person of sound mind can listen to that song and think it’s anything more than total garbage. It’s just so bad that it makes my skin crawl. Like the worst song ever created. As in no song would ever be worse than “Closer” from now until eternity.

Then I heard “Paris.”


The more questions I receive, the better this series is going to be, so send me your Mailbag questions to and please put “Mailbag” in the subject line.

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Dillon Cheverere is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Dillon graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. Golf is his game now. He's long off the tee but can't putt for shit. Email:

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