I’ve Officially Become An Advocate For Paid Puppy Maternity Leave

I've Officially Become An Advocate For Paid Puppy Maternity Leave

Whether or not your company offers paid maternity leave – or paternity leave, for that matter – and for how long, is a hotly debated workplace issue in today’s society. As much as I want to bring myself to care for the sake of all of the new parents out there, I know that childcare is at least 10 years in my future, so I’m not actually that concerned.

What I am worried about right now, though? The well-being of my dog while I’m slaving away at my desk job. While I’m working long days in the office, my poor baby is at home, either confined to his crate or let out to roam and destroy all of my worldly possessions. Although most of them did come from IKEA and probably should be replaced anyway, I’d much rather spend my tax refund on a vacation than on a grown-up dining room set.

BrewDog brewery, which is based in the U.K. but has a U.S. branch in Columbus, is looking to change this with their new puppy parent maternity leave – or paw-ternity leave, if you’re into the dad jokes. Instead of forcing you to come home from a long day of work to a dog that hasn’t been house-trained yet, BrewDog will give you a paid week of leave to bond with your new family member and then let you come back to work, dog in tow. This policy is amazingly much better than many of the U.S.’s childcare policies, and until I start popping out kiddos of my own, I’m thrilled that I’ve finally found an equal opportunity workplace cause that I can really get behind.

Maternity leave can help us all out in the future, but while we prefer fur babies over actual ones, paid leave to take care of a new furry friend is about to become the new gold standard.

For those of you about to enter salary negotiations for your real-world job you’ll take in May, you can now add “paid puppy leave” to your list of demands to set you apart from all of those yuppies who only want 3 extra vacation days or a relocation bonus. We all know that puppies are essentially taking the place of millennials’ children, and now that workplaces are starting to offer time off to spend with my baby, I might actually start looking forward to days in the office if I get to come back from a long week of paid crate training to being able to snuggle my pup while I work through Excel spreadsheets. As long as my coworkers don’t object to my showing off numerous photos of my family’s newest addition, I think this workplace change is going to work out just fine.

[via Cosmo UK]

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