Insufferable Hipster Calls The Police In An Outrage Because A Cafe Messed Up His Tea Order

Insufferable Hipster Calls The Police In An Outrage Because A Cafe Messed Up His Tea Order

Hipsters, man. They sure don’t make it easy for themselves to fly under the radar.

A London man called ‘999’ (Britain’s version of 911) after a cafe messed up his tea order. In the gaffe of the century, the cafe Birdie Num Nums (so British) served Roberto Lattarulo ginger and lemon tea instead of ginger and lemongrass tea. Outrageous, right? How could they even entertain the idea of putting a man through such pain? Let’s let the owner explain.

“We sell lemongrass and ginger tea but unfortunately we ran out and, in a rush, we bought in teabags that were actually lemon and ginger.

“The guy had ordered lemongrass and the server forgot to inform him that he was getting a different teabag. That was a mistake so we said sorry for that.

Well, he got pissed and did what every shitty, angry customer does: threatened to write a bad review online. Gasp! Considering Yelp is just a message board for angry people who waited in line for too long at restaurants, he probably realized that his shitty review wouldn’t do much so he took things further.

Roberto admits he then rang 999 to complain that he was being unfairly evicted from the premises only to be told it was a civil matter.

However the incident reared its head again when Roberto left a blistering TripAdvisor review criticising the cafe’s “shocking customer service”.

With all due respect to Roberto, what an asshole.

After a little digging on Trip Advisor, I found his review and it was, indeed, terrible. Their Trip Advisor page has since seen an influx of positive reviews from both customers and fans alike in an effort to offset Lattarulo’s, but he still has yet to delete his review presumably because he’s too hipster to even know he’s become an internet sensation. His review went as follows:

Stopped for a quick tea after workout and specifically ordered Lemongrass and ginger tea, as I love lemongrass, though got served Lemon and ginger tea, and when questioned it, I was shown a box with a label “Lemongrass and ginger tea”. When questioned why I was mis-sold something, the waitress said she run out of them yesterday, and I said fine, as I specifically wanted a tea with lemongrass, hence my request.

As she saw me writing a review on TripAdvisor, she asked me to leave the premises, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Shocking customer service and vile, awful staff.

I will also be reporting them to Lewisham Trading Standards for deceiving customers.

The police didn’t log his actual complaint when they arrived on the scene, and for good reason. I don’t think you can just arrest people in Britain for being douchebags.

[via The Sun / Trip Advisor]

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