I’m So Sick Of Texting

I'm So Sick Of Texting

If you’re friends with me, there’s a good chance I haven’t replied to the last four text messages you’ve sent me. Nothing personal, I just physically cannot do it anymore. There’s just something about the painstaking task that makes my fingers numb. I find it futile, monotonous, lackluster, and a bunch of other degrading GRE words.

Texting always makes me feel like I have unfinished business. It’s something else I have to add to my to-do list. It’s gotten to the point that my unanswered texts are taken care of less often than my laundry or dishes. “Oh, when I get home from work I’ll probably make dinner, fold some clothes, answer my text messages.” It just seems so unnecessary.

Between social media, Pokemon Go, and a number of other apps, I’m already too distracted on my phone. But if I want to spend hours mindlessly scrolling through somewhat entertaining forums, that’s on me. No one else should hold the ability to keep me attached to my phone (besides my employer, because damn who doesn’t love a good work email at 9:00 p.m.). I don’t want to be picking up my phone every few minutes, rinse, and repeat just to answer your texts.

It brings me physical pain when things are done inefficiently. Not the most endearing trait to have, but you win some, you lose some. I’m constantly finding a way to save time in my 9 to 5 life and wasting minutes that slowly pile up on pointless one-to-two line messages is not a solid use of it.

I could have a three-minute phone call with all the details it takes to relay in 30 texts over the course of an hour. Sure, there are situations where texting is more ideal: if you need an answer to just one question, to send me an address or quick reminder, to tell me your Chipotle order, etc.

But please, for the love of all things good, if you want to know how my day was or what the plans are for our weekend trip, call me! I’ll tell you a funny story from work, where we’re meeting, what to pack, and we’ll be on with our lives in 10 minutes max. I’ll thank you, and so will my phone battery.

Texting is breeding a new generation of individuals that are legitimately scared of talking on the phone. I’ve seen some of my friends’ phones ring, go unanswered, and then they text that person immediately after. Like whaaaat just happened there? Did you forget the whole purpose of having a phone in the first place? Is there some problem with phone calls that no one told me about?

I understand texting can be appealing because it’s less personal, but it just brings so many unnecessary issues to the table that phone calls don’t. A simple sentence like “I never called you that” can have five different meanings depending on where the emphasis is placed and a text message can’t deliver the right meaning. Not to mention brevity or not replying sometimes being taken the wrong way.

I think I’ll just call everyone I have unanswered texts from and catch them off guard. Maybe they’ll even answer and I can shorten my to-do list. I can try to start a new trend: Make America Call Each Other Again. Here’s to a new, more personal, less texting world!

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22 · Washington, DC

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