If You Prefer IPAs, You’re Probably A Psychopath

If You Prefer IPAs, You're Probably A Psychopath

I was one of those people who hated beer for the majority of my life, largely because the only beer I ever drank was the cheapest possible kind that I found at frat parties when they ran out of vodka. Toward the end of college, though, I started to understand what all the fuss was about when I started to appreciate having a drink at a bar instead of pregaming cheap booze with screaming groups of people. The taste of beer started to grow on me. Soon, I was in love, and not with just any kind of beer. I joined the IPA club.

There’s just something about the bitterness of a good IPA that really can’t be found in any other type of beer. I’ll drink a Corona Light with lime on the beach, if that’s what the situation calls for, but I’m never truly satisfied without something bitter and hoppy. I just assumed it was a harmless taste preference, nothing more, but new evidence shows I might be wrong on that count.

According to a new study by scientists at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, you’re more likely to exhibit malevolent personality traits if you crave bitter flavors, like IPAs or even something as seemingly harmless as black coffee. Basically, there’s now actual research to support the idea that all the IPA-lovers out there might have souls as dark as their preferred beer.

The base of the theory is that evolution has taught humans to beware bitter tastes as warning signs of something toxic, so the people that prefer those flavors are basically getting a thrill from living life on the edge. I’ve always known there was a scientific reason why I’m a bitchy person. Is wanting to live life a little on the dark side such a bad thing? Well, I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on who’s ordering what next time I go to the bar to try and spot other terrible people to hang out with.

[via Vine Pair]

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