I Work In An Office Full Of Women — And I Love It

I Work In An Office Full Of Women — And I Love It

Recently a commenter said, “Working with all women is the absolute worst thing ever.”

As someone that does, I take personal offence to that. This isn’t a ploy to appeal to the “You PC, bro?” crowd. I’m just disappointed. I’m disappointed at generalizations like this because, to be quite honest, it’s not the wedding tackle that’s the issue, it’s the attitude of the person, how they treat their coworkers and subordinates, and the leadership that makes someone either great or total shit.

I’ve had many bosses, mostly men, ranging from a guy that will be a groomsman in my wedding to a boss that threw me into the wall (he had little man syndrome) and we had to be separated before it came to fisticuffs. I’ve had more shit bosses working slave wage jobs through high school and college than most people have in a lifetime.

When I started my job, I behaved how anyone should: in a professional manner, punctual and with a strong business casual dress game. I noticed quickly that I was outnumbered, with just two men in my department – Rob, who is thankfully gone and my work best friend Jimmy in IT. This is a new phenomenon for me but going into a field that historically has a large female workforce, I knew what I was getting into.

There are approximately 35 women in my department. A friend of mine saw our recent staff photo posted online and jokingly messaged me, “It looks like you and Dean (a guy that works in another building but is still part of the department) are with a flock of your sister wives.” While true, it got me thinking: This is the first time I’ve truly been happy at a job.

A lot of my friends have shit jobs with long hours, garbage work environments and worst of all, a terrible boss. They often complain about their mostly male bosses. I find it hard to relate to them because I have two direct bosses, both women, and I couldn’t be happier.

With men, they largely want to work independently, don’t take advice and never ask for help. At my job, everyone works together; we edit each other’s stuff and produce much more polished, refined work. When I had to work with Rob, I spent most of the time trying to teach him technology and even then, he would argue with me.

Working with women has also given me new insight. I am a minority among them (I am young and a guy) and they treat me how I’ve treated many females in a male majority conversation: they include me in their talk about male celebrities, gossip, their husbands, whatever. At workplace parties, I love to feed on their energy, and you know damn well I’m leading the conga line.

Being a man in a female dominated workplace has quite a few benefits. One of my coworker’s daughter’s makes the most out-of-this-world cupcakes I’ve ever had and you can bet your bottom dollar she makes me special cupcakes and cookies. I always get awesome Christmas presents, which I respond to with a bottle of wine to all my close coworkers because who doesn’t like wine?

It’s also nice to be needed. Anytime there needs to be heavy lifting, whether it is moving a desk, a printer or putting a new water jug on the water dispenser, I’m always up to help around the office. Last week, a large wolf spider took up residence in the cubicle area. Erin being terrified of spiders, asked me to remove it. I don’t kill spiders because spider bros kill my most hated enemy, mosquitos, so I rehomed the guy into the stairwell. Erin bought me coffee as a thanks.

My bosses like to joke around. For some reason they had a tiara and asked me to try it on. Being a good sport, I popped that thing on my giant head. At this point in time, I had longer than usual hair that curls, and my boss remarked that I looked cute with long hair. They then debated on whether that was sexual harassment, which was silly to me.

Everyone has someone in their workplace that makes them dread going to work. Generalizing an entire sex due to whatever bias isn’t a good way to go through life. I’m reaching the point in my career where l could be looking for a pay raise, but I don’t because I love my job and my bosses. They say if you love your job, you never work a day in your life and I couldn’t agree more.

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