How To Survive Your Sundays Until Football Starts

How To Survive Your Sundays Until Football Starts

The NBA playoffs are over. Game of Thrones is over. Football doesn’t really get rolling until September. So what are you supposed to do for the next two months on Sundays? Watch NASCAR? I mean, you definitely should, but you probably won’t. So what are some other ways to crush the next 10 or so Sundays?

Let’s start with Sunday morning activities. You could go to church or brunch. You could take your dog or maybe steal someone else’s dog and go for a walk. You could gather some friends together and go for a good hike with some killer views. Go by yourself for real peace and tranquility, but please let someone know you’re going so nobody freaks out if they can’t find you. Go for a run, do some easy errands, knock out a little bit of yard work while it’s still cool outside or make a nice big breakfast at home. Or, if you’re hungover or just straight up lazy, lay in bed, scroll through your phone, and catch up on some Netflix.

Okay, so now you’re awake and the rest of your Sunday is in front of you. Here’s where it can get really fun. The Sunday opportunities are endless. Are you active? You could turn that early morning hike into an all-day adventure, maybe find a waterfall or creek. Go hit the pool with your squad. Go hang out at the park, a plaza, or maybe a town center. You could easily crush 18 holes at the local muni. If you’re really up for it, go for a bike ride. There’s different bike rides too. You can bike around downtown like a tourist, cruise some roads out in the ‘burbs, or even try to go do some mountain biking. Hell, maybe you still relive the BMX days and want to head to the skatepark. Do you, fam. Hit up a minor league baseball game for a real good time, but be sure to get some good food.

Maybe you’re a homebody. Maybe you just want to chill inside all day or maybe on the patio/deck. Invite some friends over, play some music, post up outside and have a couple beers. If you are a true animal that never gets the Scaries, then drink more than a couple. You could do a real barbecue all day long, even if it’s just a rack of ribs. Sometimes the house needs a good cleaning (some people forget what a vacuum is). Kick back and watch some golf. Take a nap or five. Do some grocery shopping and maybe even some meal prepping for the week ahead. Honestly, the opportunities are endless.

There’s always day trips too. Go for a road trip, maybe to the beach or the lake. Float the river with your friends. Hit up a vineyard or a brewery. Maybe even go volunteer at the dog shelter or something for the day if you want.

However, soon the time will come where the sun sets. You can’t throw on Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or Sunday Night Football. You will be lying on the couch, alone, and the Scaries will be approaching rapidly. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and realize that you are not alone. There are millions of us, everywhere, going through the same anxieties. Throw on a rom-com, get in your favorite comfy clothes, and hide under a big blanket. Just six more days until you do it all over again.

Any questions on how to combat the Scaries should be directed to Sunday Scaries guru, Will DeFries.

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