How Much Do You Have To Make To Be In The 1% In Your State?

If the Occupy Wall Street “movement” gave us one thing, (and frankly, I don’t want to give those people any credit for anything ever) it’s the terms 1% and 99%, and those were probably coined by someone else a long time ago anyway. Yes, there’s a 1%, certainly, there’s a top percentage of everything, but do they control 99% of the resources? How the hell should I know.

The fact remains that everyone wants to be in the 1%. It’s true. Everyone wants to be the cream of the crop. But how much do you have to make in order to be in the 1% in your state? Thanks to Business Insider, here’s your answer.

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The state that requires the most money? Surprisingly, not New York or California. Connecticut comes in as the most expensive state at an approximate annual income of $642,000. However, they’re not the most expensive location in the country; Washington, D.C. takes the top spot in that regard, at $688,000.

What if you want to be an Elite on a budget? We’ve got you covered there too. You can be a “One Percenter” in Idaho for $274,000 a year, the lowest in the Nation. Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arkansas and Alabama all clock in under $300,000 as well.

I think I’ll take my talents to Montana and start my own elite family lineage on a budget. “Why, yes, we are the Butte Tas-es. We own a chain of Taco Bells that stretches from Missoula to Miles City, but we truly made our fortune in 7-Elevens.”

[via Business Insider]

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