Guy Eats It Playing Kickball, Decides To Sue The League

Guy Eats It Playing Kickball, Decides To Sue The League

Kickball is postgrad. In fact, it’s one of the postgraddiest things you can do.

I’d venture to say that every major city has a kickball league, and the majority of those playing are doing so because it’s 1) An excuse to booze on a weeknight, and 2) You can be uncoordinated and still play the game respectably. Even though it’s a game most of us began playing in elementary school, there’s still some risk involved, apparently.

Amol Gupta of Manhattan is suing the ZogSports kickball league for injuries received during a game back in April in 2013. According the New York Post, Gupta slipped on grass and slammed into a retaining wall while charging home. There’s no mention as to whether alcohol was involved, but if this league is like any kickball league I’ve ever been a part of, booze was involved.

Per New York Post:

Court papers fault ZogSports, which organizes throwback sports for young professionals across the metro area, for setting the foul and base lines too close to the wall.

“Among the responsibilities of ZogSports were to set up and provide for the location and placement of bases, a pitching mound, foul lines, base lines, boundaries, and other aspects of the physical layout where the April 27 kickball game would take place,” the suit says.

The league’s officials “violated their duties to [Gupta] by negligently, carelessly and recklessly failing to lay out, set up, operate, manage, maintain and inspect, design and control [the field],” according to court papers.
The suit calls Gupta’s injuries “severe, protracted and incapacitating.”

Gupta suffered bruises, scrapes and permanent scarring and was admitted to the hospital several times.

Classic negligence claim, folks. Not sure whose fault this is, but it’s pretty obvious that Mr. Gupta had a full head of steam when he smoked that retaining wall. Gupta also suffered injuries to his nose, elbow, and spine. I feel for him, but what the hell was he doing? I’m sure there’s about 30 witnesses that were well on their way to blackout town that could give us a very unreliable answer to that question.

Silver lining in all this? When reached for comment, Gupta’s attorney managed to insert a sports reference: “ZogSports totally dropped the ball in providing a safe athletic experience for players in this case.” Fucking lawyers, man.

[via New York Post]

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