Former Disney Channel Star’s Instagram Account Is Devoted To Trolling Fans

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Like many other twenty-somethings, a good chunk of my childhood was dedicated to religiously watching, talking about, and obsessing over the Disney Channel. Sadly, the days of such innocence are long gone, and it’s safe to assume that the whole operation went to shit after the Jonas brothers abandoned their purity rings and Miley Cyrus developed a debilitating case of schizophrenia.

Somewhere in the graveyard of former Disney stars, among the anorexic burnouts and borderline high-class hookers, a gem has risen from the ashes and blessed the world with arguably the best celebrity twitter account yet.

Cole Sprouse, former actor who played Cody Martin in the early 2000’s show “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” has had a pretty low key life ever since he left the Disney Channel. He spent the last four years at NYU studying humanities and archaeology, and adapted to New York life by growing out his hair and repeatedly wearing button up vests that make him look disturbingly similar to a founding father. Whatever. He managed to receive a college education, and that’s more than we can say for the majority of kid actors.

Even though he’s not currently acting, 22-year-old Cole still gets an obscene amount of attention from strangers for being a Sprouse twin. He has dedicated his Instagram to “the people out there who secretly take photos of him,” and manages to take photos of them first. He even went so far as to omit his own name and instead titled the account “camera_duels.” He’s basically out-trolling random fans who attempt to take a snap without him seeing, and the results are incredible.

Not but 30 seconds after arriving on the plane, a quick glance to my right revealed this seafoam sapiens breathing heavily and scrambling for her phone. Little lady must've thought, just because her phone matched her shirt, that I wouldn't detect her desperate photos. Firstly, my vision is based on fear, and I saw you right away. Second, nay. The victim: @tater_tots15 claimed it was a "tie." Her innocent account name perfectly reflects how violently she lost. She posted a picture of our duel, in which my debonair gait and relaxed posture so too reflects how prepared I was for her ludicrous display of #AeronauticArseholery. My Cheshire grin must have scared the other passengers, and I was quickly escorted off the plane for being #TooDamnBomb #cameraduels

A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@camera_duels) on

Eating in public is dangerous when my brother and I are together, mostly because duels are a constant occurrence. Have you ever had a photo taken of you while you were #UvulaDeep in a shake shack burger? No? Well it's #Lovecraftian, and it's something you inherently want to keep out of the private albums of kids with wayyyy too much liberty on #WorldWideWeb. This was the setting of our present duel. Female Zack and Cody here were trying to pull the ol' "casual selfie" technique, one that frames their target in the background of an otherwise Michelin portrait of one's many chins. I'll admit I always feel a bit guilt ridden when dueling children–it's a tad dubious to take the life of a child for social currency. #ItWillEventuallyBecomeNormalThough. They shot, I shot first. And while her back is turned, I'm sure the mother's maternal instincts had alerted her to her childrens' demise. #cameraduels #LittleDutchChildren #TheHaircutTranscendsGenerationGaps #pattyportraiture

A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@camera_duels) on

Kid’s got a great sense of humor. I’m into it.

Image via Youtube

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