Am I Wrong For Still Enjoying Busch Light?

Am I Wrong For Still Enjoying Busch Light?

So my buddy dropped by last weekend to watch some basketball and do guy stuff (drink beers and talk about how we strikeout every weekend at the bar). When he came over, he brought over libations as any good house guest would, but the only thing that should be noted is that they were Busch Lights. I was kind of taken aback and didn’t know what to think at first. Then I remembered that he was still in college. He was still crushing these bad boys on the regular.

This dude was living the college, binge drinking Tuesday through Sunday, dream schedule. Obviously, I took one (Plus 12) and had myself a great time, but something didn’t feel right. I almost felt out of place. Like I had been there before but I was out of the game. Almost like a retired athlete who doesn’t play the sport anymore. You recognize and know what’s going on, but you feel lost. That’s how I felt. I didn’t know how to hang out with a dear old friend, and I didn’t know what to do.

When I was in college, people who were drinking Bud Lights were either rich kids balling out on Dad’s tab, girls who would buy a six pack that would last them 3 weeks, or a guy just trying to treat himself. These bad boys were seen as the liquid gold, the creme de la creme, that we all said we’d start drinking in the real world. Well, here I am now as a postgrad, and I gotta say that I have been drinking Bud Light like the Anheuser-Busch factory may close down. Am I trying to say that I ball out and make bread? Hell no, not at all. I just felt like it was what you were supposed to do. It is real world etiquette to drink Bud Light and move to the big leagues. Everyone loves a good Blue Yummy, and some people, like myself, love to drink more than a few.

All of this got me thinking whether or not it was acceptable to buy Busch Light in the real world? Would you be seen as an outcast? Unsophisticated? As a poor person? Or would you be respected as a guy who loves his Busch and is trying to get the best value out of his dollar?

My Answer: I may be one of the biggest fans of Busch Light on this planet. I will drink the stuff until it kills me. It’s a shame that more bars don’t have it on tap. I would be the guy who walked up to the bar and ordered the stuff proudly. Yes, maybe I am still trying to relive the glory days, but who isn’t?! If you are truly trying to be a cool guy and say that you are not a Busch Light fan, then you are not a person I want to drink with. Don’t lie to yourself. Busch Light is liquid gold.

Unfortunately, Busch Light isn’t readily available like Bud Light is. It is just easier to order a Bud Light because you know the bar will have it. Busch Light is the unicorn of beers these days. If you are at a bar that is serving Busch, either run for your life, or embrace it and have the best night you’ve had a in a long time.

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