5 People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

5 People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Halloween weekend was a tough one, my friends. Saturday night was amazing… but it ended when I woke up on a bathroom floor on Sunday morning, and paid for my Saturday decisions all day on Sunday. But despite my churning stomach, massive headache, and lingering embarrassment, there are definitely some people that has it worse than me — and you.

People at the Rancho El Dorado Subdivision In Maricopa, AZ

I’ve only been to Arizona once and, since it was July, I found it to be way too hot for my liking. But now I have another reason not to go back – an aggressive form of honeybee called the Africanized honeybee, is terrorizing the state, as people in one neighborhood found out on Saturday.

A swarm of these bees, also known as the killer bee, attacked a two block long area late Saturday afternoon when a hive was disturbed at a home in the area. According to the fire department, people were running and screaming for help, and six people (three children and three adults) were injured, including one adult who suffered nearly 300 bee stings.

Yep, I think I’ll just stay here in MA, where there are no bees for at least half the year. [via Daily Mail]

A Worker At A Canadian Pharmacy

You remember that “good” neighborhood that you always wanted to go trick-or-treating at as a kid? The one where the houses gave out full-size candy bars and crisp dollar bills. But now that I’m an adult, I’d like to go trick-or-treating at this particular pharmacy in Beaumont, Canada, where they apparently give out antipsychotic meds.

The pills, Quetiapine and Divalproex Sodium, are used to treat schizophrenia as well as other psychological disorder. According to Quebec City police spokesperson, “So – unfortunately – we don’t know how – an employee just mixed it with the candy by accident and distributed it to the kids.” Seven pills, each individually wrapped, were given out to the trick-or-treaters. There are no reports of anyone getting sick and police have said that no one should be alarmed – despite that the pills have side effects that include suicidal thoughts, tremors and nausea. Sounds more like a trick than treat. [via New York Post]

Chipotle Lovers in Washington and Oregon

Here’s a fact that I’m afraid to admit publicly: I don’t care for Chipotle. For two reasons: no queso and no taco meat. But I know that there are plenty of you out there that love it, and if you live in Washington or Oregon, you may be shit out of luck for the time being.

Chipotle closed dozens of restaurants – 43 to be exact – in the states after an E.coli scare. While no has died of the infection, the Washington State Department of Health has said that nineteen cases in Washington and three in Oregon have been linked to a “handful” of locations of everyone’s favorite burrito maker.

Only six stores in the area are connected to the outbreak, but the company decided to close down more stores as a precaution. According to CNN, a Chipotle spokesman said, “We immediately closed all of our restaurants in the area out of an abundance of caution, even though the vast majority of these restaurants have no reported problems,” and that Chipotle is working with health departments to help determine the cause of the cases.

I think I’ll stick to Qdoba. [via CNN]

Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper

It’s hard to imagine that either one of these gorgeous specimens had a bad weekend, but they both did – since the big movies they had opening this weekend totally tanked.

While the weekend was not expected to be a big one at the theaters, due to Halloween falling on a Saturday, the numbers were particularly low in the U.S. – and two of our favorite stars took the hit. Cooper’s new film, Burnt, only took in $5 million, even though it was playing on more than 3,000 screens. Bullock’s new movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, did even worse, only earning $3.4 million on 2,202 screens, marking the worst wide-release opening for a movie starring Bullock.

While it seems that there have been lots of flops in recent weeks, things are expected to turn around soon. Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box office data firm Rentrak, said “Next week, the whole complexion of this will change. But I think this is a really good lesson learned for Hollywood that if you have too much product – particularly aimed at older audiences – you’re going to fragment the audience to the point where a lot of movies are going to become casualties of that crowded marketplace.” [via CBS News]

Michael C. Lohan, Jr.

It can’t be easy being a Lohan. Your mother and father are clearly crappy parents, your sister goes off the deep end on the regular. So what’s a guy to do? Get arrested, obviously.

Lindsay’s brother, Michael C. Lohan, Jr. was arrested on Thursday in New York for forging a parking placard so that he didn’t have to pay for parking. Lohan’s 2015 Audi was parked in a metered zone outside of his apartment building with a fake “New York State Executive Branch” sign on the dashboard. Lohan acknowledged that the car was his and he was arrested after he couldn’t prove that he actually does work for the city government.

Now, it’s not easy being a Lohan, but if you are driving at 2015 Audi, I’ve got to assume you can pony up the $400 a month for a garage…or at least a few quarters for the meter.

Well, at least Mikey Junior now has something in common with his parents and sister – they all have a police record. [via Page Six]

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